ThePulp.Net blogs

Blogs, or Web logs, have taken off in the past few years. And blogs devoted to pulp magazines aren’t being left behind.

Our Yellowed Perils blog began in 2006. The Pulp Super-Fan joined it in 2013. And in 2015, we welcomed That’s Pulp!

ThePulp.Net’s blogs offer their writers a chance to sound off on a variety of pulp topics. But it’s not just their voices that you will find there. You, the reader, have an opportunity to join the conversation through the comments sections. And we encourage you to do so.

ThePulp.Net blogs

That’s Pulp!
John Olsen writes “about all things pulpish” on his blog at ThePulp.Net.
The Pulp Super-Fan
“Pulp super-fan” Michael R. Brown writes about the pulps, pulp reprints, New Pulp, pulp magazines’ influence on culture, pulp fictioneers and more.
Yellowed Perils
TPN editor William Lampkin offers his thoughts and comments on the world of the pulp magazines.

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