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Ackerman, Forrest J.; and John Landis. Forrest J. Ackerman’s World of Science Fiction General Publishers Group, 1997.
An encyclopedia of science fiction and writers, this coffee-table hardback also includes several nice reproductions from classic science fiction pulps.
Ash, Brian, ed. The Visual Encyclopedia of Science Fiction: A Documented Pictorial Checklist of the Sci-Fi World Harmony Books, 1977.
Ashley, Michael, ed. The History of the Science Fiction Magazine: Vol. 1, 1926-1935 Henry Regnery, 1976.
Ashley offers a 40-plus page introduction looking at science fiction magazines from the antecedents to Amazing Stories through 1935. The remainder of the book features reprinted stories.
Ashley, Michael, ed. The History of the Science Fiction Magazine: Vol. 2, 1936-1945 Henry Regnery, 1976.
Ashley, Michael, ed. The History of the Science Fiction Magazine: Vol. 3, 1946-1955 Contemporary, 1977.
Ashley, Michael; and William G. Contento. Supernatural Index: A Listing of Fantasy, Supernatural, Occult, Weird and Horror Anthologies Greenwood Press, 1995.
Ashley, Mike; and Robert A.W. Lowndes. The Gernsback Days: A Study of the Evolution of Modern Science Fiction from 1911 to 1936 Wildeside Press, 2004.
Ashley, Mike. The Time Machines: The Story of the Science-Fiction Pulp Magazines from the Beginning to 1950 Liverpool University Press, 2000.
Asimov, Isaac. Asimov on Science Fiction Doubleday & Co. Inc., 1981.
The collection of articles and essays by Asimov looks at all aspects of science fiction, from the writing to the history to the authors and fans. He touches on the science fiction pulps in many of the essays.
Bleiler, Everett F. Guide to Supernatural Literature Gale Research, 1984.
Bleiler, Everett F. Science Fiction: The Early Years Kent State University Press, 1990.
Bleiler, Everett F.; with Richard Bleiler. Science-Fiction: The Gernsback Years : A Complete Coverage of the Genre Magazines Amazing, Astounding, Wonder, and Others from 1926 Through 1936 Kent State University Press, 1998.
Bowman, Ray F. Ray Bowman’s Index to the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction Ray F. Bowman, 1988.
Brosterman, Norman. Out of Time: Designs for the Twentieth-Century Future Harry N. Abrams, 2000.
This look at visions of the future from the early 1900s to the 1990s includes covers from science fiction pulps such as Amazing Stories and other magazines, including Popular Science. It was a companion piece to a Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition featuring 60 original illustrations featured in the book. The book ends with thumbnail profiles of some of the featured artists, including Hannes Bok and Frank R. Paul.
Carr, Nick. The Western Pulp Hero: An Investigation into the Psyche of an American Legend Starmont Popular Culture Studies. Starmont House, 1989.
Carr, Terry. Introduction to Planets of Wonder: A Treasury of Space Opera Thomas Nelson Inc., 1976
Carr, who also edited this collection of science fiction stories, defines “space opera” and briefly traces its roots to pulp magazines and writers such as C.L. Moore, Leigh Brackett and Edmond Hamilton, who also are among the authors whose works are featured in the book. Carr also introduces each story and author.
Carter, Lin. Lovecraft: A Look Behind the Cthulhu Mythos Starmont Popular Culture Studies. Starmont House.
Chalker, Jack L.; and Mark Owings. Science-Fantasy Publishers: A Critical and Bibliographic History Mirage Press, 1991.
Clute, John; and John Grant. Encyclopedia of Fantasy St. Martin’s Press, 1997.
Cockcroft, T.G.L. Index to the Weird Fiction Magazines: Index by Author John Milne Ltd., 1964.
Cockcroft, T.G.L. Index to the Weird Fiction Magazines: Index by Title John Milne Ltd., 1962.
Collins, Max Allan. History of Mystery Collectors Press, 2001.
Contento, William G. Index of Science Fiction Anthologies and Collections G.K. Hall, 1984.
Contento, William G. Mystery Short Fiction: An Index to Mystery Magazines, Anthologies and Single-Author Collections Locus Press (CD-ROM).
Cook, Michael. Monthly Murders: A Checklist and Chronological Listing of Fiction in the Digest-size Mystery Magazines in the United States and England Greenwood Press, 1982.
Cook, Michael L.; and Stephen T. Miller. Mystery, Detective, and Espionage Fiction: A Checklist of Fiction in U.S. Pulp Magazines, 1915-1974 Garland Publications, 1988. 2 vols.
Cook, Michael L. Mystery, Detective and Espionage Magazines Greenwood Press, 1983.
Day, Bradford M. A Checklist of Fantastic Magazines N.P., 1952.
Day, Bradford M. Complete Checklist of Science Fiction Magazines Science Fiction & Fantasy Publication, 1961.
Day, Bradford M. An Index on the Weird and Fantastica in Magazines, Plus a Variety of Other Listings Bradford M. Day, 1995.
Day is carried as editor on the title page but is obviously the author. — Richard Bleiler
Day, Donald B. Index to the Science Fiction Magazines, 1926-1950 Perri Press, 1952; G.K. Hall, 1982.
de Camp, L. Sprague. Blond Barbarians and Noble Savages Essays on Fantastic Literature. Borgo Press, 1986.
del Rey, Lester, ed. Fantastic Science Fiction Art, 1926-54 Ballantine Books, 1975.
Desmond, William H. Science Fiction Magazine Checklist 1961-72 Archive Press, 1973.
Dinan, John A.. The Pulp Western: A Popular History of the Western Fiction Magazine in America I.O. Evans Studies in the Philosophy and Criticism of Literature. Borgo Press, 1983; Bearmanor Media, 2004.
Dinan, John. Sports in the Pulp Magazines McFarland & Co., 1998.
Dinan, John and James Steranko. “Behind the Mask: Part Two: Tracing the Origins of the Great Pulp Heroes,” Mediascene No. 17 (January-February 1976), 26-27.
A look at the inspirations for The Black Bat and The Avenger. (See Part One, listed below under “Unsigned.”)
Geherin, David. The American Private Eye Frederick Ungar Publishing, 1985.
“Geherin divides the detectives into six periods, with a brief overview introducing each period and sections on certain detectives. Chapter 1 is ‘Birth of a Hero’ and discusses Race Williams and the Continental Op. Chapter 2 is ‘The Pulpsters,’ with a four-and-a-half page introduction followed by sections on Jo Gar (by Raoul Whitfield), Tough Dick Donohue (by Frederick Nebel), Jack ‘Flashgun’ Casey (by George Harmon Cox), Steve Midnight (by John K. Butler), Max Latin (by Norbert Davis), and Dan Turner (by Robert Leslie Bellem). Chapter 3 is ‘Life Beyond the Pulps.’ The book notes the influence of the pulp detective on later detective stories.” — Monte Herridge
Goulart, Ron. The Dime Detectives Mysterious Press, 1988.
Goulart, Ron, ed. The Hardboiled Dicks Sherbourne Press, 1965; Pocket, 1967.
Haining, Peter. The Art of Mystery & Detective Stories: The Best Illustrations From Over a Century of Crime Fiction Treasure Press, 1986
This is a reprinting of Haining’s book titled Mystery published in 1977 by Souvenir Press. Pulps are featured in a few later chapters.
Haining, Peter. Terror! A History of Horror Illustrations from the Pulp Magazines A&W Visual Library, 1976.
Holland, Steve. Sci–Fi Art: A Graphic History Collins Design, 2009
How could a book on science fiction art not include the pulps? And so the first section, “Foundations of SF Art,” includes around a dozen pages on pulps of the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s, with a chapter on artist Frank R. Paul. The second section of the book, “Book Covers & Magazines,” includes cover artwork from digests and paperback reprints of pulp stories.
Howard, Robert E.. The Hyborian Age Sklos Press, 2015
This fascimile, by Jeff Shanks’ Skelos Press, reprints an essay by Howard, as well as “A Probable Outline of Conan’s Career” by P. Schuyler Miller and Dr. John D. Clark, and an introductory letter by H.P. Lovecraft. These were originally published in 1938 by LANY Cooperative Publications (Russell J. Hodgkins, Donald Wollheim, Forrest J Ackerman, John B. Michel, and Morojo). The reprint also includes an introduction by Shanks.
Hubin, Allen J. The Bibliography of Crime Fiction, 1749-1975 University of California, San Diego, 1979.
Jones, Robert. The Shudder Pulps: A History of the Weird Menace Magazines of the 1930s FAX/Starmont, 1974; NAL/Dutton, 1978; Wildside Press, 2007.
A history of the weird menace magazines, such as Horror Stories, Terror Tales and Dime Mystery.
King, Stephen. Danse Macabre Everest House, 1981.
Horror author King analyses horror, from the written word to radio, film and television. Along the way, he discusses the impact of a variety of influences, including Weird Tales, John W. Campbell, Clark Ashton Smith and other pulp sources.
Lalumière, Claude. “The Essential Science Fiction Library,” January Magazine January 2000, (May 2, 2000).
Writer, editor, translator and former bookstore owner Lalumière provides a brief history of science fiction from Verne through the pulps and through 2000, then follows with a survey of authors and works that are “intended to capture curious readers’ imaginations and inspire further investigation.”
Lofficier, Jean-Marc; and Randy Lofficier. French Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Pulp Fiction: A Guide to Cinema, Television, Radio, Animation, Comic Books and Literature from the Middle Ages to the Present McFarland & Co., 2000.
Metcalf, Norm. The Index of Science Fiction Magazines 1951-1965 El J. Ben Stark, 1968.
Miller, Stephen T.; and William G. Contento. Science Fiction, Fantasy and Weird Fiction Magazine Index (1890-1998) CD-ROM; Locus Press.
Moskowitz, Sam. “The Growth of Science Fiction from 1900 to the Early 1950s,” Blueprint for Space: Science Fiction to Science Fact, Smithsonian Institution, 1992.
Pulp veteran Moskowitz covers the development of science fiction from the weeklies at the turn of the century through the pulp era and into the post-World War II period. Nicely reprinted, color covers from Astounding, Amazing Stories and other pulps illustrate the chapter.
Moskowitz, Sam, ed. Science Fiction by Gaslight: A History and Anthology of Science Fiction in the Popular Magazines, 1891-1911 World Publishing Company, 1968.
Moskowitz, Sam. Seekers of Tomorrow: Masters of Modern Science Fiction World Publishing Co., 1966; Ballantine, 1967; Hyperion Press, 1974.
Moskowitz, Sam. Under the Moons of Mars: A History and Anthology of ‘The Scientific Romance’ in the Munsey Magazines, 1912-1920 Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1970.
Murray, Terry A. Science Fiction Magazine Story Index 1926-1995 McFarland & Co., 1999.
Nummelin, Juri. Kuudestilaukeavat/Six Guns Nummelin, 2004.
Parnell, Frank H.; and Mike Ashley Monthly Terrors: An Index to the Weird Fantasy Magazines Published in the United States and Great Britain Greenwood Press, 1985.
Prozini, Bill, ed. The Arbor House Treasury of Detective and Mystery Stories from the Great Pulps Arbor House, 1983.
“A useful book introduction (and individual story introductions) by Prozini.”> — John DeWalt
Reginald, Robert; Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature: A Checklist 1700-1974 Gale Research Co., 1979. (two volumes)
Richardson, Darrell C. Those Macabre Pulps Adventure House, 2004.
Robinson, Frank M. Science Fiction of the 20th Century: An Illustrated History Collectors Press 1999.
The coffee-table book explores science fiction through art, from dime novels to paperback covers to movie posters. The first third of the book displays quite a few pulp covers.
Sadoul, Jacques. Hier, L’an 2000:: L’illustration de science fiction des années 30 Denoel, 1973
Roughly translated as “Yesterday 2000: Science Fiction Illustration of the ’30s,” this book has an abundance of black-and-white illustrations from the pulps, as well as many black-and-white — and some color — reproductions of pulp covers. This French book was translated and released in the United States as “2000 A.D.: Illustrations From the Golden Age of Science Fiction Pulps” (H. Regnery Co., 1975).
Seabrook, Jack. Martians & Misplaced Clues: The Life and Work of Frederic Brown Bowling Green State University Popular Press, 1993.
Smith, Reginald. Weird Tales in the Thirties Reginald Smith, June 1966; October 1966; April 1967; and July 1971.
This letter-size publication features Smith’s 40-page survey of the weird fantasy magazine during the 1930s, which he calls “the best for this magazine.”
Steranko, James. The Steranko History of Comics, Vol. 1 Supergraphics, 1970.
One chapter in this book looks at “The Bloody Pulps.”
Stover, Leon. Science Fiction from Wells to Heinlein McFarland & Co., 2002.
Strauss, Erwin. The MIT Science Fiction Society’s Index to the S-F Magazines, 1951-1965 publisher uncertain, 1966.
Thom, William. Hero Pulp Reprint Index Fading Shadows Inc., 1997.
Tuck, Donald. Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy Advent Publishers Inc., 1974. (three volumes)
Tuska, Jon, ed. “Introduction,” The Big Book of Western Action Stories Barricade Books Inc, 1995
This lengthy introduction looks at the history of Western pulp magazines. Included in the book are more than a dozen novels and stories from the pages of pulp magazines such as Dime Western, Big-Book Western, Action Stories, Ace-High Western Stories and more.
Tymn, Marshall B. and Mike Ashley, ed. Science Fiction, Fantasy and Weird Fiction Magazines Greenwood Press, 1985.
(Unsigned). Index to the Science Fiction Magazines, 1966-1970 New England Science Fiction Association, 1971.
(Unsigned). “The Amazing, Fantastic, Startling, Thrilling, Super Science Fiction Pulps” Mediascene No. 10 (May-June 1974), 10B-11B.
It’s a short essay on the science fiction pulps, which numerous examples of pulp covers reproduced in black and white.
(Unsigned). “Behind the Mask: Tracing the Great Pulp Heroes,” Mediascene No. 14 (July-August 1975), 4-5.
Inspirations for The Shadow and Doc Savage are covered, as well as how they inspired other pulps. (Possibly written by James Steranko and/or John Dinan, see Part Two listing above.)
(Unsigned). Pulp–Itations: The Graphic Art of Spicy Detective Stories Winds of the World Press, 1986
Uzzell, Thomas H. “The Love Pulps” Scribner’s Vol. 103, No. 4 (April 1938), 36-41.
Weinberg, Robert. A Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists Greenwood Press, 1988.
Weinberg, Robert. Horror of the 20th Century: An Ilustrated History Collectors Press, 2000.
Weinberg, Robert. The Weird Tales Story FAX Collector’s Editions Inc., 1977; Wildside Press, 1999.
Weinberg, Robert; with E.P. Berglund. Reader’s Guide to the Cthulhu Mythos Robert Weinberg, 1969; Silver Scarab Press, 1973.