Pulp Event Podcast

Pulp Event Podcast

The Pulp Event Podcast features recordings from panel discussions and presentations on the pulp magazines, recorded live at a variety of conventions across the United States.

Whether you prefer to listen on iTunes or Google Play, the Pulp Event Podcast is available on both services. Click the appropriate link:

Or, if you’d like to listen to the Pulp Event Podcast in your web broswer, follow the links below. Links are grouped alphabetically by event.


Pensacon 2014: From Pulps to Comics
On Friday, Feb. 21, 2014, Jeffrey Shanks, Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson and David Earle discussed “From Pulps to Comics” at Pensacon, in Pensacola, Fla.


Pulpcon 35 (2006)
Two panels — pulp reprint publishing and Guest of Honor Phil Klass (William Tenn) — are available for listening from Pulpcon 35.
Pulpcon 36 (2007)
Four recordings — Rusty Hevelin’s farewell, “The Future of Pulp Collecting,” and Guests of Honor David Saunders and Glenn Lord — were made by Chris Kalb during Pulpcon 36.


PulpFest 2014
Three evenings of programming — a dozen events — from PulpFest 2014 are available for listening.
PulpFest 2015
Three evenings of programming — over 10 hours of recordings — from PulpFest 2015 are available for listening.
PulpFest 2016
Three evenings of programming — nine events — from PulpFest 2016 are available for listening.
PulpFest 2017
Three evenings of programming — seven events — from PulpFest 2017 are available for listening.