Pulp photos

Don’t you wish you had a time machine?

Jump in, set the dial and flash back to the first half of the 20th century. You could pick up new issues of your favorite pulp as they hit the newsstand. Or see the sights of the period.

Pulp magazines for sale in New York in November 1932.

Pulp magazines for sale in New York in November 1932.

Thanks to the federal goverment’s interest in documenting its relief efforts during the Great Depression, we can have a glimpse of what it was like to peruse the newsstands for the latest pulp magazines. Photographers from the Farm Security Administration (which later became the Office of War Information) fanned out across the United States to document the recovery. On occasions, their lenses focused on newsstands. Many of the pulp rack photos featured here came from their cameras; others are from journalists, photographers and just everyday snapshot takers.

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