Pulp memories

Some of us remember searching drug store and department store paperbook racks for the latest adventures of Doc Savage and The Shadow in the late ’60s and the ’70s. Maybe stumbling across The Spider or a John Carter of Mars book. Paying 60, 75 or 95 cents, then heading home for several days of excitement.

For others, pulp memories may mean reading fascimile reprints of The Spider and searching for pulps at conventions and on eBay. But for some, those memories date back 50 or more years, to the heyday of the pulps.

Share our common bond — whether you’ve just begun reading pulp reprints or you’ve been reading pulp stories for five, 10, 50 years — in pulp memories:

• Reminiscences of a pulp adventure fan: Stanley R. Grothaus, the inaugural author of Pulp.Memories, recalls his attempts at duplicating the feats of Buck Rogers, hiding Spicy Detective pulps from his parents and more.

• Turning pulp inspiration into a career: Mark Edward Jones has taken his love of adventure and focused it on writing.

If you have a have pulp memories you would like to share with fellow pulp fans, e-mail ThePulp.Net.