The Pulp Companion was ThePulp.Net’s online pulp zine, which ran from June 2002 through Spring 2005.

The briefs and featured articles remain available on TPN. In fact, we would like to point out a few that you shouldn’t miss: “Plot devices: help for writing a yarn,” by Edward J. Wood (Summer 2003), an extensive look at plotting devices that writers could turn to in a pinch; “Who is Fantomas?” by Charles Corder (October 2002), a look at the French villain; and “Double-barreled inspiration,” by Conrad V. Sucatre (Spring 2003), about what inspired a famous Hugh B. Cave story. Of course, you should read the other articles from The Pulp Companion, too.

We should note, however, that a number of the website links which were originally in the articles are no longer active. We’ve removed most of the bad links, but you may run across one here or there.

Here is a rundown of topics featured in each number of The Pulp Companion. (Click the month to access that issue’s stories.)

June 2002 edition
An introduction to The Pulp Companion; a look at the latest Bronze Gazette and Golden Perils zines; Doc Sidhe; Doc Payne; and a question about spy/adventure stories.
July 2002 edition
Purple Prose 16; Blood ’n’ Thunder; “Pulpwood Editor” by Harold Hersey; “The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay” by Michael Chabon; Buck Rogers in Air & Space Smithsonian; Romances With Attitude; and a question about Batman and the Black Bat.
August 2002 edition
Brother Grim; The Destroyer; pulp cover prints by CAPE Publishing Inc.; “The Spider: Scavengers of the Slaughtered Sacrifices” graphic novel; “The Spider and the Slaves of Hell” Bold Venture Press fascimile; a pulp pun; and a question about Dr. Nikola.
September 2002 edition
Crimson Skies; Yahoo Groups; SCOTTeVest; “The Adventures of Doc Savage: A Definitive Chronology”; and a question about Kenneth Robeson.
October 2002 edition
Fantomas; pulp typefaces; Adventure Inc.; Girasol Collectables pulp replicas;; and a question about a Tarzan-like painting.
Winter 2003 edition
Clive Cussler and Dirk Pitt; review of “Frost,” a Donald Wandrei book; old-time radio on CD and online; March pulp replicas; cuddly stuffed Old Ones; and a question about the artists behind The Shadow magazine.
Spring 2003 edition
A review of “Lin Carter’s Anton Zarnak: Supernatural Sleuth”; Brooklyn Museum of Art pulp exhibition; Hugh B. Cave at Windy City pulp show; Tarzan and Jane;’s demise; Indiana Jones DVD collection; League of Extraordinary Gentlemen website; and a question about edited pulp reprints.
Summer 2003 edition
Plot generators; a review of “Walter B. Gibson and The Shadow”; Lifeline Theatre’s The Shadow radio production; pulp purses; pulp exhibition extended; pulp covers on magazines; Tarzan on TV update; pulp art in the press; and a question about the best pulp writers.
Spring 2005 edition
TPC on hiatus; mad about Mars; Pokéthulhu and eldritch names; Boilerplate: metal man of mystery; pulp for your walls; and a question about pulp prices.