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Sexton Blake, the ‘poor man’s Sherlock Holmes’

Posted by at 10:00 am Monday, October 5, 2015 in English Pulp, Foreign Pulps, Sexton Blake, Sherlock Holmes
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Sexton Blake, the ‘poor man’s Sherlock Holmes’

Sexton BlakeSexton Blake, a hugely popular British character during his time, is probably the best known of the various Sherlock Holmes knockoffs, which is interesting, because he didn’t start out as such.

Created in 1893, he was published in numerous stories (some 4,000 by 200 authors!) and comics up until the 1970s, along with radio shows and movies, and even a TV show. He fell out of popularity in the ’70s, but in recent years several stories have been reprinted by various publishers.

Sexton Blake is apparently the third-most published character, with either Nick Carter or the now largely forgotten Dixon Hawke as the first two (which is which is debatable). I find it interesting that Dixon Hawke doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry!

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