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‘All-Star Pulp Comics’

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‘All-Star Pulp Comics’
"All-Star Pulp Comics," No. 1

“All-Star Pulp Comics,” No. 1

All-Star Pulp Comics, published by Redbud Studios, has new black-and-white comic stories of original and New Pulp characters. Three issues are out so far, available in digital and hardcopy versions. The first two issues can be obtained from IndyPlanet, while the third is on Amazon.

Redbud Studios is associated with Airship 27, so there a lot of crossover of characters. Several pulp character that Airship 27 has put out new stories of appear in these comics. Do not know which, if any of these are adaptations of those stories.

Issue number one has a cover with Green Lama and Domino Lady.

Inside we get stories of:

  • The Green Lama, by Adam Lance Garcia. The Green Lama is a shorter lived pulp character who is a Buddhist lama, and appeared in pulps and comics. As Garcia is now the official author of the character, I assume this story is considered “canon.” Here the Lama goes up against Nazis in an original story.
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A look at the Thrilling pulp heroes

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Thrilling AdventureIn the next in this series of articles, I take an overview of another of the major pulp publishers, the Thrilling Group, and their pulp heroes.

Thrilling was probably the second or third major publisher of hero pulp characters, depending on how you view them. Strangely, “Thrilling” is not the name of the company! Ned Pines established Pines Publications in 1928, and would publish both pulps and comics. They seemed to use similar company names over the years. For pulps, it was Beacon Magazines (1936-37), Better Publications (1937-43) and Standard Magazines (1943-55) until Pines shut down the pulps. The pulps had the byline “A Thrilling Publications” on the covers, plus several were named Thrilling this and Thrilling that (Thrilling Adventure, Thrilling Detectives, Thrilling Love, Thrilling Western, Thrilling Wonder Stories, etc), hence the name Thrilling (or Thrilling Group) for the overall line. The pulps were edited by Leo Margulies, a well-known editor, who later ran his own publishing company.

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Review: ‘Exciting Pulp Tales’

Posted by at 10:00 am Thursday, August 15, 2013 in Crimson Mask, Green Ghost, Hero Pulps, New Pulp, Review
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Exciting Pulp Tales“Exciting Pulp Tales” is Tom Johnson’s “sequel” to his “Pulp Detective” collection from Altus Press.

The new book is a collection featuring new stories of classic pulp heroes. All of these are lesser-known characters. In a few cases, these are characters I wasn’t familiar with. Thankfully, Tom’s intro gives some basic info on these characters.

First off is a story of The Angel (not to be confused with the even shorter-lived Angel Detective). The Angel is a character I had never heard of, and from what we read in the intro, was a short-lived character (only two stories, never reprinted to my knowledge) based on unsold Phantom Detective plots.

A kind of skid-row hero (from what seems to be a second- or third-tier publisher), he is really Steve Oakes, a movie stuntman and the son and brother of cops, instead of the usual “rich man about town” type. When his father is murdered, he returned to solve the crime as “The Angel,” with the help of his stuntman buddy. This story is meant to be a further story after the original two, with Steve and his buddy returning to New York during a lull in jobs, and helping solve a kidnapping.

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