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‘Pro Se Presents,’ year two

Posted by at 10:00 am Wednesday, April 8, 2015 in Brother Bones, New Pulp, Pro Se Press, Pulps, Review
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"Pro Se Presents," August 2012In 2011 Tommy Hancock‘s Pro Se Press started their most interesting effort to bring back a feature of the original, classic pulps: of being published monthly. This they did in with a monthly digest series, “Pro Se Presents.”

In a prior posting, I looked at Volume 1 of that series. Now I move on to Volume 2.

August 2012 has three stories. We first off have an adventure with Doctor Unknown, Junior. This character is created by Chuck Miller, and is part of the world of the Black Centipede, who I have posted on prior. Then we have a detective story that deals with monsters, and another adventure with Joshua Reynold‘s occult detective Charles St. Cyprian.

October 2012 has another trio of stories. We first get a preview of a novel from Mechanoid Press, “Slow Djinn.” This is a work of occult investigation. Next is story of fear. And finally a fantasy story.

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‘Pro Se Presents,’ year one

Posted by at 10:00 am Friday, November 28, 2014 in Black Bat, Brother Bones, New Pulp, Pastiche, Phantom Detective, Pro Se Press, Review, Silver Manticore
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"Pro Se Presents" No. 1Tommy Hancock‘s Pro Se Press has in its short time in existence become one of the major New Pulp publishers. And they have even pushed for the use of the term “New Pulp,” even coming up with a New Pulp logo that other publishers can use as well, as a cross promotional tool.

One of their most interesting efforts was to bring back a feature of the original, classic pulps: of being published monthly. They did this in 2011 with a new, monthly digest series, Pro Se Presents. Each volume would be about 100 pages, and have different types of pulp stories. Not just hero fiction, but horror, science fiction, detective, fantasy, and more. Some volumes might have two or three or even four stories, some might have only one, or in a few cases serialized over a couple of issues.

In this posting, I look at the first 12 issues of Pro Se Presents, Volume 1:

#1, August 2011 kicks off the series with three unusual stories. One is a modern horror story, the second is more a fantasy story, with elements of horror, and the third is a detective story. Or is it?

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