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John Olsen

John Olsen

John Olsen enjoys all things pulpish. No matter whether it’s the actual pulp magazine stories themselves, or old B&W B-movies and movie serials, or old radio shows, or anything else he encounters, he always finds the pulpishness in it. (Yeah, that’s a word.)

In the 1960s, he was introduced to Doc Savage by way of paperback reprints and to The Shadow by listening to rebroadcasts of the radio dramatizations on KEX radio in Portland, Ore. He started reading the magazine adventures of The Shadow in 1996, and by 2003 had read all 325 of them. He read them all again for a second time, and expanded on reviews he had written earlier. His former website, “The Shadow in Review,” held all those reviews.

John’s book, The Shadow in Review: The Ultimate Guide to the Pulp Magazine Series, collects all of those reviews, and adds reviews of the “lost” Shadow novel, Walter Gibson’s final “unofficial” Shadow story, the 1940 movie series, and the 1994 movie, and two indexes organized by story and subject. The reference book totals over 500 pages.

Today, John is retired in small town Sherwood, Ore. He continues to enjoy all things pulp. When he finds something of interest to other pulp fans, he now uses this forum to share his thoughts on the wonderful world of pulpdom.