Pulp hunt

To help you in your “pulp hunt,” we’ve collected links on the following pages:

Pulp sources
Here you will find links to dealers who specialize in pulps and pulp-related items.
Pulp reprints & replicas
If you’re looking for pulp reprints or replicas, head over to this page.
New Pulp sources
The sites listed here will lead you to the best sources for New Pulp — the latest variation on fan fiction.
Digital pulp sources
Looking for pulp stories to read on your iPad, Kindle or other mobile device? Check out the links we’ve put together to help you find the digital pulp you’re looking for.
Pulp events
Want to shop for pulps in person? Or, maybe you’re interested in connecting with fellow pulp fans? Then check out our regularly updated listing of pulp events.
Pulp stuff
Here’s the pulp stuff you need to complete your pulp lifestyle.