Digital pulp sources

digital pulpPulp magazines and reprints aren’t the only way to enjoy the works of classic pulp — or New Pulp — fictioneers. Many readers find e-readers, tablets and even mobile phones a convenient method of perusing pulp fiction.

Our new digital pulp page adds new links and consolidates others from pages elsewhere on ThePulp.Net. The links below offer many different formats of e-texts for downloading. Not all will be compatible with your mobile device, so you may have to check multiple sites for the story you are looking for.

If you are familiar with a digital pulp provider that is not listed below, please let us know. Suggestions are always welcome.

Adventure House ebooks
Adventure House sells a handful of pulps as ebooks, and has a number of free stories.
Age of Aces Presents
In addition to their printed books, Age of Aces offers a selection of free PDFs of air combat stories from pulp fictioneers as Frederick C. Davis, Arch Whitehouse, Donald Keyhoe and others. PDFs of Alden McWilliams’ illustrated tributes to flying pioneers from Flying Aces magazine are also available.
Altus Press
Altus Press, one of the premier pulp reprint publishers, also provides many of its books in formats for Apple devices and the Nook and Kindle e-readers.
Comic Book Plus: Pulp Fiction
The website devoted to scans of comic books and strips also includes a “pulp fiction” category. Using a broad definition of the topic, Comic Book Plus features pulp magazines and its precursors, dime novels, penny dreadfuls and story papers. You can read the magazines online, but must register to download them.
Fantasy Library Stacks
Delving into the stacks at the Fantasy Library unearths a mix of pulp stories (by Edgar Rice Burroughs, H.P. Lovecraft and others) as well as other tales (by Sax Rohmer, Mary Shelley and more).
Futures Past Editions
This publisher, run by Renaissance E Books Inc., puts out ebooks and paperbacks of science fiction, fantasy, adventure and horror — many from the end of the pulp era. It also offers a number of free ebooks on its website.
iPulpFiction takes a different approach to digital pulp by selling its catalog in an HTML5 format, with the document residing on its web server but accessible by up-to-date web browsers. iPulpFiction provides classic pulp stories, including Black Mask Magazine, Famous Fantastic Magazine, Dime Mystery Magazine and Horror Stories, and New Pulp stories, including books by Airship 27, Pro Se Productions and Moonstone Books.
Luminist League Library & Archives
The Luminist League has a collection of periodicals online in PDF form, ranging from spiritual texts to chapbooks to fiction. Pulp fans will be interested in their pulp magazine and science fiction categories. (Some non-pulps are mixed in each section, too.)
Miscellanea eTexts
Miscellanea offers PDFs of two Edgar Rice Burroughs novelettes — “The Girl from Farris’s” and “The Efficiency Expert.” Other texts are available on the page as HTML files.
Mysterious Press: Pulp
Mysterious Press takes a relaxed view of “pulp,” but pulp aficionados will find ebooks by Lester Dent and George H. Coxe here. The ebooks are sold in a variety of ereader formats through third-party vendors, such as Amazon, Apple, Google and Sony.
The Online Books Page
Links to sites with electronic texts of books.
Open Road Media: Lester Dent
Open Road Media publishes a variety of authors’ works. But pulp fans will be interested in digital books by Lester Dent. The ebooks are sold in a variety of ereader formats through third-party vendors, such as Amazon, Apple, Google and Sony.
Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg provides public domain texts in a variety of formats. Because copyright laws vary around the globe, Project Gutenberg’s international sites, in particular its Australian version, may contain stories are aren’t yet available elsewhere.
The Pulp Magazine Archive at
The Internet Archive is a wonderful resource for archived websites, videos, audio and text. Pulp magazines have their own collection there. Reading them online or download them in a variety of formats, including ePub, PDF, Kindle and plain text.
Pulp Magazines Project
The purpose of the Pulp Magazines Project is to create an open-access digital archive of pulp magazines. The project’s scanned pulps are available in free PDFs or Flash-based FlipBook versions.
PulpGen Pulp
Since 2002, Larry Estep, John Locke and others have been scanning, reformatting and posting pulp stories of all genres. The hundreds of free PDFs can be sorted by author, magazine or recent additions. New stories are added most every week.
Pro Se Productions
New Pulp publisher Pro Se Productions offers ebook versions of most of its publications. You’ll find links to purchase its books in a variety of formats from the Kindle and Nook stores, and Smashwords.
Radio Archives Pulp eBooks
Radio Classics offers a variety of digital books in a number of formats under the banner of “Will Murray’s Pulp Classics.” Some of the ebooks contain one novel, while others comprise the feature novel and supporting stories from a particular pulp. Ebooks include Captain Future, Startling Stories, Doctor Death, Dr. Yen Sin and more.
Le Site de Capitaine Flam (Captain Future)
This French website devoted to the Captain Future TV series also includes a handful of PDFs of the Captain Future and Startling Stories pulp stories in English, as well as French translations. You’ll also find PDFs of some of “The Worlds of Tomorrow,” profiles and maps of the planets, that originally appeared in the pulp.
The Vintage Library’s Pulp Fiction Central
Longtime online dealer Vintage Library sells a variety of classic and New Pulp stories available in digital form, typically PDFs. It also offers free PDFs of interviews with pulp fictioneers Hugh B. Cave and Talmage Power and pulp experts Will Murray and Tom Johnson.