Pulp sources

ThePulp.Net is not affiliated in any way with any of the sites linked from this page, nor are these sources paying to be listed here, nor do we vouch for the quality of service you might received from them.

Rather, these are some of the locations on the Internet that often have pulp or pulp-related publications available. If you are looking for a particular item, we strongly recommend that you shop around. We have noted that prices can vary considerably between sites. Caveat emptor.

If you know of a site not listed here that you would like to share with other pulp fans, please let us know about it.

Following the newsgroup listing, sites appear in alphabetical order.

Advanced Book Exchange
ABE gives you the chance to search the wares of many book dealers. We have noticed that the inventory lists aren’t always up to date.
Adventure House
John Gunnison’s Adventure House site gives visitors a chance to find out more about and order the pulp-reprint magazine High Adventure, original pulps, pulp references and other pulp-related items.
David T. Alexander Collectibles
Long–time pulp dealer David T. Alexander’s Web site has an extensive listing pulps, pulp memorabilia and pulp reprints, in addition to comic books, other magazines and movie items.
All Star Auctions
Though they specialize in original comic art and collectibles, All Star Auctions also lists pulps and pulp-related items.
Altus Press
Though primarily a pulp reprint and reference book publisher, Altus Press often has pulps for sale through its website. Look for the “Vintage Pulp-Related Collectibles” link under the Altus Press Products menu.
Art’s Not Dead Online Gallery
You’ll find numerous pulp magazine posters, many from the Spicy line, mixed in with posters from the men’s adventure magazines and ’50s sleaze paperbacks for sale at this site. There are also many vintage science-fiction pulp posters. You can purchase the posters on paper or canvas.
Asgard Press
Asgard Press specializes in calendars and posters. In addition to vintage college sports products, you’ll find a selection of pulp-related items — romance and science fiction — for order on their website.
Bookery Fantasy
Tim Cottrill has a pair of stores in Fairborn, Ohio, specializing in comics, pulps, books, collectibles, games and toys since 1984. Tim is also the author of Bookery’s Guide to Pulps & Related Magazines.
Grant Thiessen, the original proprietor of Pandora Books, runs BookIT Enterprises with over 30,000 items — including pulps, pulp reprints and pulp-related books and fanzines — listed on its website.
Books from the Crypt
This online bookstore sells pulps and pulp-related books (as well as paperbacks, comics and other ephemera) through its eBay auctions and Bibliofind, but also includes specials offered only through its Web site.
Bud’s Art Books
Formerly Bud Plant Comic Art, Bud’s Art Books features a variety of pulp-related items (books, statues, posters, etc.). Despite talk of closing down, Bud’s Art Books is still around. There are no more catalogs, but the company’s website is open 24 hours a day.
Books Are Everything
Graham Holroyd’s site has information on the pulps, magazines and science-fiction and fantasy books he carries.
Mike Chomko Books
Mike Chomko distributes many pulp-related publications, reprints, fascimilies and more from other publishers, often at a discount. Check out his site for his monthly listing.
Cobblestone Books Online
You can find pulps and pulp-related reprints at the Web site for this bookstore specializing in science fiction, fantasy, horror and mysteries.
Cold Tonnage Books
Cold Tonnage Books, of Surrey, England, specializes in science fiction, fantasy, supernatural and horror fiction, including pulp magazines.
Curious Book Shop
Curious Book Shop of East Lansing, Mich., lists a good selection of pulp magazines on its Web site. You’ll also find science-fiction books, original art and more.
eBay online auctions
EBay is quite likely the hub of pulp sales activity on the Web, with auctions for pulps, pulp reprints, collectibles and some memorabilia. Search for “pulp” or a specific name or character to find items for sale.
Empire Collectibles
This San Diego, Calif., dealer buys and sells comics and pulp. Its Web site lists for sale a variety of pulps, from Amazing Stories to Weird Tales, graded and typically priced using Bookery Fantasy’s Ultimate Guide to the Pulps.
Fantastic Collectibles
Ray Bowman’s site includes his book and pulp lists, as well as information on how to grade the condition of a pulp magazine.
Fantasy Illustrated
Fantasy Illustrated, run by Dave Smith in Mill Creek, Wash., deals in pulp magazines, science-fiction and fantasy books, first editions, Big Little Books, vintage comic books and paperbacks, and more.
Fantom Press
Terry Allen’s Fantom Press offers a wide range of limited–edition pulp–related merchandise, much of it in association with artist Bob Larkin, who painted a number of Bantam Books’ Doc Savage paperback covers. You’ll find numerous signed items and prints, with an emphasis on the Man of Bronze.
Funk & Junk
Funk & Junk sells collectible antiques, including some pulps.
Girasol Collectables
Brothers Neil and Leigh Mechem are serious pulp fans and it shows in their line of pulp replicas. You’ll find a wide range of replicas, from The Spider and Operator #5 to Oriental Stories and Doctor Death. This Canadian site also offers a selection of pulps and pulp-related books and magazines for sale.
Graffix Multimedia Image Services
Rich Halegua’s Graffix Multimedia sells downloadable collections of pulp magazine covers. Costs are determined by the resolution of the collections, which range from 72dpi to 300dpi.
Grapefruit Moon Gallery
This Minneapolis, Minn., online gallery sells a variety of original, vintage paintings, illustrations, photographs and other art pieces. In addition to pin-up, glamour, advertising and movie artwork, original pulp paintings are listed.
Graphitti Designs
Graphitti Designs has offered pulp collectibles such as busts of Doc Savage and The Shadow in the past (the limited edition solid bronze Man of Bronze bust is still available as of March 2001). You’ll find posters from several Doc covers by James Bama (included signed ones), Bob Larkin and Walter Baumhofer.
Hake’s Americana & Collectibles
Here’s a good source for pulps and rare pulp-related memorabilia, such as club pins, movie items, etc.
Heartwood Auctions
Heartwood Auctions offers a range of pulp magazines on its online auction site. Their website promises auctions to comics, men’s adventure magazines, Saturday Evening Posts and true crime magazines, in addition to their current pulps listings. Sign up for their email newsletter on the website.
Rich Halegua’s MPB.auction takes over from his Movie Poster Bid site. While focusing on movie posters, MPB also lists pulp magazines, comics, and comic art.
Necronomicon Press
Though not currently publishing new works, Necronomicon Press continues to sell its backstock of books on H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard and weird fantasy from the pulps.
Pandora’s Books Online
Pandora’s Books lists numerous pulps, pulp reprints and pulp-related books and fanzines.
PBA Galleries
This San Francisco auction house offers regular online auctions, which may contain pulp magazines.
The Popular Press book catalog
The Popular Press was formerly the publishing arm of Bowling Green State University in Ohio, but is now affiliated with the University of Wisconsin Press. It published much of Robert Sampson’s pulp studies, including his thorough books on The Shadow and The Spider. A few of Simpson books, including his Yesterday’s Faces series, still may be available.
Prevue magazine
You’ll find back issues of Jim Steranko’s magazine — which also has been known as Comixscene and Mediascene — available for sale, also with other pulp-related publications.
Pulp Fiction Central
Vintage New Media’s site offers for sale: electronic texts of numerous pulps, including The Spider, Operator 5, G-8, Dusty Ayres and His Battle Birds, Carroll John Daly and more; some pulps; pulp reprints; and a variety of pulp fanzines.
Rich Halegua buys and sells pulp magazines through his PulpWorld website. There’s also a history of the pulps and a pulp timeline, as well as links to his comic art and movie poster sites.
Soliver’s Collectables
Stephen Oliver lists pulp magazines for sale on his website, as well as stamps, coins, trading cards and other collectibles.
TIAS.com Fine Antiques and Collectibles on the Web
This online antiques mall includes a Paper and Ephemera section for magazines. Searching within this category for “pulps” – or a more specific search term – will turn up numerous listings.
Robot Gangster
Looking for authorized T–shirts featuring classic Popular Publication characters such as The Spider, G–8 and Operator #5? Here’s your site. These aren’t simply pulp magazines covers on T–shirts, but rather clever artwork, icons and logos.
Vintage Pulps
Pulp dealer David Lindman’s website, Vintage Pulps, lists for sale pulp magazines, pulp reprints and hardback and paperback books. He also buys pulps and presents his grading standards for pulp magazines.
Vinylz Art
This New Jersey company offers canvas posters of selected covers from The Ghost Super-Detective, Unknown and Unknown Worlds pulps, as well as Astounding and other science-fiction digests.
Gene Zambolas
Dealer Gene Zambolas specializes in mystery and western fiction and includes pulps, paperbacks and digests in his offerings.
Zardoz Books
This British bookstore features a variety of pulps and pulp-related books. You can browse, as well as search, their stock. It is run by Maurice Flanagan, who publishes Paperbacks, Pulps and Comics.