Pulp stuff

We’ve got plenty of “pulp stuff” to help you celebrate your love of the pulp magazines. Below you’ll find pulp clothes, pulp wallpaper, pulp icons and more.

Pulp apparel

Wear your enthusiasm for the pulps with one of our exclusive ThePulp.Net T-shirts.

We harken back to those early days of science fiction with our latest shirt. Our new sf shirt touts your enthusiasm for “scientifiction.” (That’s the T-shirt version at right.) If you’d rather, there are coffee mugs and badget versions of it, too.

There’s still time to show off your ol’ college spirit with “Crime College: Upstate New York” emblazened across the front.

We’ve also got a classic “10 Cents” shirt, with the 10 Cents logo on the front and “When your next adventure was just a dime away” slogan on the back.

Don’t be the last one to have your pulp T-shirt. And check out one of
our Pulp Stuff stores for other pulp-related items besides shirts, too. We’ll be adding additional items periodically.

Click to visit TPN’s Pulp Stuff store.
Visit our second Pulp Stuff store for more selections.
Or visit our third Pulp Stuff store for even more selections.

Pulp wallpaper

Ah, old pulps: torn edges, yellowed pages, the smell. That’s the feeling we’ve tried to capture in our collection of pulp desktop photos.

Pick your screen shape — fullscreen or widescreen — and click on the link below the thumbnail image to open the wallpaper image. Then click the “Download” link (at the lower left).

Download and use the images as desktop backgrounds on as many computers as you’d like, but please don’t publish or post them on your Web site without permission.

Pulp icons

Tired of the same boring old icons on your computer? Want your icons to reflect your interest in the pulps? We’ve put together a collection of two dozen pulp icons. Here is a sample:

The icons are available as Mac OS X custom folders and Windows icon resources. In addition to pulp magazines, you may recognize a few faces in the set.