Reprints & replicas

First, please be aware that ThePulp.Net is not affiliated in any way with any of the sites linked from this page, nor are these sources paying to be listed here, nor do we vouch for the quality of service you might received from them.

We’ve put together a listing of some of the small presses that are publishing pulp reprints or replicas. Pulp reprints are books that present the pulp stories in standard anthology format, grouped by author, magazine or theme, and sometimes with original or new illustrations. Pulp replicas, on the other hand, attempt to recreate a particular pulp magazine in paperback format, complete with original cover and interior artwork, and sometimes original advertising.

If you know of a small press that we have left out, please tell us about it.

The following list of current pulp reprint and replica publishers appears in alphabetical order:

Adventure House
John Gunnison’s Adventure House publishes High Adventure, the longest running pulp reprint series, having begun in 1991 as Pulp Review. Single issues are $9.95; subscriptions are $45 for six issues. Adventure House also produces pulp replicas (including G–8 and his Battle Aces [in original publication order], Speakeasy Stories, Spicy Adventure Stories and a variety of other titles), and sells reprints and replicas published by others.
Adventures in Bronze
Here’s the official site for new series of Doc Savage adventures being penned by author and pulp historian Will Murray. The site provides links for purchasing the new books, as well as information about the series, Lester Dent and Murray.
Age of Aces Books
Age of Aces Books has begun reprinting stories from Popular Publication’s aviation pulps. Produced by Bill Mann, Chris Kalb and David Kalb, the trade paperbacks are available from You can also find free PDFs downloads on the website.
Altus Press
Altus Press plans on reprinting the entire series of Secret Agent X adventures beginning in 2007. Altus currently offers reprints of the pulp versions of novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Rex Stout and Ray Cummings.
BEB Books
Brian Earl Brown’s Beb Books are inexpensive, limited-run chapbooks reprinting classic pulp stories, including Secret Agent “X”, Peter the Brazen and Jimmie Dale adventures. You can reach BEB Books by writing Brian Earl Brown, 11675 Beaconsfield, Detroit, MI 48224 or via e-mail at
Black Dog Books
Tom Robert’s Black Dog Books reprints collections by pulp authors such as Hugh B. Cave, H. Bedford–Jones, E. Hoffman Price and others. Prices vary per reprint.
Bold Venture Press
Rich Harvey and Audrey Parente have a variety of pulp fiction reprints coming out through their Bold Ventures Press, including authorized reprints of Zorro by Johnston McCulley.
ERBville Press
ERBville Press, part of Jerry Schneider Enterprises, focuses on reprinting works by Edgar Rice Burroughs in paperback and hardback, and reference works on Burroughs.
Futures Past Editions
This publisher, run by Renaissance E Books Inc., puts out ebooks and paperbacks of science fiction, fantasy, adventure and horror — many from the end of the pulp era. It also offers a number of free ebooks on its website.
Galaxy Press
The fiction publishing arm of Author Services Inc., Galaxy Press specializes in the works of L. Ron Hubbard. You’ll find reprints and audio dramatizations of his SF stories, and teaching material for use in schools.
Girasol Collectibles
Ontario’s Girasol Collectibles has been publishing three replicas a month for quite a while now. Single issues cost $25–$35, or three for $85. Replicas include Doctor Death (all three issues), The Spider, The Octopus, Terror Tales, Black Mask, Weird Tales and more. Girasol’s Neil and Leigh Mechem also are publishing “pulp doubles” of The Spider, which are reprints in the style of Sanctum Books’.
Haffner Press
Haffner Press specializes in science fiction and fantasy collections, including the works of Jack Williamson, Edmond Hamilton and Leigh Brackett.
Murania Press
Here is the site for Blood ’n’ Thunder zine and pulp story reprints under the Murania Press imprint. Publisher and editor Ed Hulse also blogs about developments at Murania Press. And you’ll find collectibles for sale there, as well as links to pulp-related sites.

Off-Trail Publications
Off-Trail Publications produces a variety of pulp anthologies and pulp history books. Genres include adventure, gangster and weird detective, as well as collections of stories by J. Allan Dunn.
Pegana Press Books
Mike and Rita Tortorello publish hand-bound, letterpress, limited editions of works by Clark Ashton Smith, Lord Dunsany, George MacDonald, and H.P. Lovecraft.
Pulp Tales Press
Jerry Schneider Enterprises’ Pulp Tales Press publishes pulp and digest replicas (incuding Air Wonder Stories, Amazing Stories, Fight Stories) and “Pulp Tales Presents,” an anthology series featuring reprints of stories from the pulp magazines. This is the same outfit that runs Pulpville Press (below) and ERBville Press (above).
Pulpville Press
Pulpville Press publishes pulp collections by authors such as Edgar Rice Burroughs, Lester Dent, Robert E. Howard, E. Hoffman Price, Philip Francis Nowlan and Theodore Tinsley, and of characters such as Tarzan, Captain Future and Ki–Gor of the Jungle. Books are available printed, in large-print and ebooks formats.
Sanctum Books
Anthony Tollin’s Sanctum Books is the official home of reprints of The Shadow, Doc Savage, The Avenger and The Whisperer. Find out the latest on their reprint series, as well as order books or subscribe directly from the publisher.
Skelos Press
Skelos Press introduces its first collection of 20 classic pulp tales of the walking dead, “Zombies of the Pulps, edited by Jeffrey Shanks.
Stillwoods Books
Doug Frizzle’s Stillwoods Books specializes in works by A. Hyatt Verrill, who wrote for a variety of pulp magazines from the 1920s through ’50s.
Stories from the Golden Age
Get the latest information regarding paperback reprints of pulp stories by L. Ron Hubbard at the Stories from the Golden Age site. Hubbard’s work includes science fiction, Westerns, detective and fantasy fiction. You’ll also have a chance to download freebies such as an audio story, an e–book, an e–newsletter and the “Golden Gazette” (after you provide your postal and e–mail addresses). In addition, the site also includes a gallery of pulp covers, video podcasts and book trailers, and information about Hubbard’s pulp writing career.
Wildside Press
Wildside Press, which publishes the latest incarnation of Weird Tales, offers a mix of replicasm reprints and ebooks. Titles include The Hooded Detective, The Phantom Detective, The Thrill Book, Sinister Stories and more.