Pulp blogs

Blogs offer their owners a chance to sound off on whatever they are thinking about at the moment. You’ll get a variety of viewpoints at the various blogs we’ve listed below — some viewpoints you may agree with, others you may not. In most instances, you’ll have a chance to add comments to the blogger’s posts.

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TPN blogs

That’s Pulp!
John Olsen “writes about all things pulpish” on his blog at ThePulp.Net.
The Pulp Super-Fan
“Pulp super-fan” Michael R. Brown writes about the pulps, pulp reprints, New Pulp, pulp magazines’ influence on culture, pulp fictioneers and more.
Yellowed Perils
TPN editor William Lampkin offers his thoughts and comments on the world of the pulp magazines.

Other pulp blogs

The Adventure Continues
Jonathan G. Jensen begins his blog with a look at Western Story Magazine articles on Western writers.
Age of Menace
Doc Mystery writes on the pulps, role-playing games, science fiction and more. For instance, he offers an interesting look at death traps in pulps and movie serials.
Keep up with the goings-on of contemporary pulp and comicbook author Ron Fortier with his blog. Check out his latest projects and what he’s done in the past.
An Age Undreamed Of
Jeffrey Shanks’ blog takes its title from Robert E. Howard’s first Conan story. Expect to see a focus primarily on Howard’s works, but also on pop culture, comics and the pulps.
Argonotes: Early Twentieth Century Escapism
Nathan Madison writes about the early pulps. He starts out with an introduction, followed by a peek behind the scenes at Frank Munsey’s magazine factory.
Big Hearted Howard DeVore’s Journal
Here is longtime science fiction and pulp fan Howard DeVore’s blog. Unfortunately, Mr. DeVore passed away in late 2005, but his blog remains with his thoughts on such topics as Amateur Press Associations, PulpCon and more.
The Cimmerian
On June 11, 2010, after winning the Stygian Award for best website at the Robert E. Howard Foundation awards, The Cimmerian blog ended. The blog remains online, so you can read what managing editor Duece Richardson and 10 others wrote about all things R.E.H.
Davy Crockett’s Almanack of Mystery, Adventure and the Wild West
Writer Evan Lewis’ blog covers a range of topics related to fiction, including the pulps. He’s posted reviews and page scans of various pulp stories.
Dr. Hermes’ Retro-scans
Edward Felipe, alias Dr. Hermes, has fired up his scanner and is posting various retro-images on his new blog. You’ll find everything from pulps and paperbacks to movie items and “babes of yore.”
Douglas’ Journal
Beginning in late 2004, Doug Fels reread Doc Savage adventures while he served in Iraq and posted reviews of them on his blog.
Dwight’s Blog
Dwight Simmons’ blog appears to focus on science fiction, including sf before the pulps.
Echoes by Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson, publisher of the long-running pulp zine Echoes, has started a blog on the Altus Press Web site.
From the Pulp Publisher
Also from the Altus Press Web site, From the Pulp Publisher is Matt Moring’s blog, which ranges from what’s being published by Altus Press to pulp conventions and more.
Hombre de Bronze
Pedro Angosto writes about comics, movies, superheroes, pulps and literature from Madrid, Spain, on his Spanish/English blog.
I Was a Bronze–Age Boy
Mark Justice’s blog is subtitled “The ramblings of a middle–aged comic book and pulp fanatic.” To borrow from Marvel’s old bullpen, ’nuff said.
It’s a Pulp World
Eric Jamborsky plans on writing on a variety of topics, but so far it’s mostly the pulps. Check out his musings on Startling Stories, Astounding Stories and more.
Laurie Powers’ Wild West
Laurie Powers, whose grandfather Paul Powers wrote for the Western pulps, blogs about the pulps, her grandfather, the West and more.
Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson
Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson, granddaughter of the pulp fictioneer and DC Comics founder, writes about “the Major,” pulp magazines and comic books at her blog.
New Doc Savage Movie Project
“Old Punk” continues offering his no-holds-barred take on the potential “Doc Savage” movie. Begun in 2009, this blog has been busy this year with the increased likelihood of a new movie.
The New Pulp Heroes
Tom Johnson’s newest blog features essays by contributors on New Pulp heroes in contemporary books and anthologies.
Professional Dummy
Though it is no longer active, the Professional Dummy blog, by Don Gates, frequently commented on pulps and pulp-related topics.
The Pulp and Paperback Fiction Reader
Morgan Wallace reviews stories and books that he’s read at his blog. As he wrote in his introduction, he collects “vintage pulp fiction, with an emphasis on the short-lived publishers that flourished during World War II.”
Pulp Crazy
Jason Aiken produces a video blog called “Pulp Crazy,” which looks at pulps and (so far) pulp characters. Links to websites mentioned in the videos appear with each post.
Pulp Den
Tom Johnson, of Fading Shadows and Echoes, writes regularly about pulps at his Pulp Den blog.
Author Juri Nummelin writes about the pulps from a Finnish point of view on his blog.
The Pulp Factory
Here’s a collective blog featuring a variety of writers, editors and illustrators working on contemporary pulp stories. You’ll find previews of their upcoming works.
Pulp Fiction Reviews
Ron Fortier’s other blog — when does he have time to do his real writing? — is a showcase for his reviews. He contributed reviews back when ThePulp.Net’s The Pulp Companion was active, but now his reviews are available online on a regular basis.
Pulp Flakes
Sai S. writes about the pulps, their authors and stories, with a focus on adventure and detective pulps.
Pulp Images blog
Pulp Images, which will launch a Kickstarter in June 2013 to create a database and website for pulp art, used this blog to post information about their efforts and images from pulps, as well as other “pulpy” sources.
Pulp Machine
New Pulp publisher Pro Se Press used this old blog as a news forum for its publications until 2013. It’s still online and a useful archive.
PulpMags is the official blog of the Pulp Magazines Project and provides information regarding pulp magazines and newly posted digital versions of pulps.
Pulp Never Dies
Tommy Hancock, the publisher at Pro Se Presss, wrote (in spite of the name) a short-lived blog about New Pulp over at Comics Bulletin.
Duane Spurlock has relaunched the PulpRack as a blog, rather than a website.
The Pulp Reader
Dan Ross’ blog started out as a launchpad for his “Digital Pulp Reader Project,” where he used text-to-speech software to convert the written word into audio books. More recently, Dan has reverted to a typical blog, with reviews and posts.
Pulp Sunday
For much of its run, The Shadow radio program was broadcast on Sunday nights. Harkening back to those golden nights of radio, Francesco Francavilla is sketching terrific illustrations for one of the old Shadow radio episodes and posting them on his blog each Sunday. He also provides links to MP3s of the associated radio episode. It’s great fun!
The Robert E. Howard United Press Association
Keep up with all things Robert E. Howard through the REHupa blog, an amateur press association dedicated to the study of Howard.
Rough Edges
Author James Reasoner, who wrote as Brett Halliday for Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine in the late ’70s to mid-’80s, discusses the pulps, books and movies.
Savage Tales
Pete Miller writes mostly about miniature gaming on his Savage Tales blog. But he’s a Doc Savage fan (if you can’t tell by the blog’s title), so he also touches on pulps, including “Pulp of the Week” entries.
The Shadow’s Bizarro
Wold Newton scholar Win Scott Eckert writes on a variety of topics, from pulps to his new books to Star Trek.
The Shadow’s Sanctum Blog
Anthony Tollins writes about upcoming reprints from Nostalgia Ventures and whatever else strikes his pulp fancy.
Speculations in Bronze
Art Sippo used his medical and scientific background for “elaborations, explanations and speculations on the Doc Savage Saga as it fits within the Wold Newton Universe.”
Tellers of Weird Tales
Terence Hanley’s blog, as the subtitle reflects, is about “artists and writers of the unique magazine.” It profiles the contributors to Weird Tales, as well as its companion pulps, Oriental Stories and The Magic Carpet Magazine.
True Pulp Fiction
This blog by “Samuel Wilson” looks back at the classic pulp magazines, with links to fiction published in them.
Under the Blue Light
This blog, by “an artist who has had an obsession with the heroes of yore for as long as I can remember,” focuses on The Shadow, including pulp covers, original artwork and comic books.
Woody Haut’s Blog
Woody Haut’s Blog isn’t strictly about the pulps. Haut writes more about noir and hardboiled fiction, which touches on vintage pulp writers.