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A pulp halloween

Posted by at 6:05 pm Tuesday, October 31, 2006 in Events, General
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Well, Halloween trick-or-treating is under way here in Arizona. We’ve got the smoke machine set up, my oldest daughter is haunting the front porch in an old witch outfit, my younger daughter is out collecting candy with friends and a certain fanged, crazed avenger’s visage is shining out the front of our Pulp Pumpkin.

A Pulp Pumpkin: The Spider

A Pulp Pumpkin: The Spider

It was hard to decide which Pulp Pumpkin to use this year. I’m, at best, a novice pumpkin carver. Past year’s pumpkins have been just standard eyes, nose and jagged mouth. But I thought I’d branch out with a more intricate attempt.

I opted for the master of men because the fangs gave him a more sinister look than the night master or the bronze superman. (Oh, click on the photo at left to see a larger version.)

DId anyone else use one of our designs for a Halloween jack-o’-lantern? If you’ve got a photo of it, e-mail us using the Contact TPN form, we’ll give you instructions on how to send it in. We’ll post your photo on the Pulp Stuff page.

The Pulp Pumpkin templates will be going away shortly, but will return next year. I’m hoping we can add more. If you have any suggestions, please send ’em in.

– William