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Pulpcon 36 gets underway

Posted by at 4:28 pm Wednesday, July 4, 2007 in Events, Pulpcon
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Just a quick note lamenting the fact that I’m not at Pulpcon. Sigh.

Pulpcon starts tomorrow (Thursday, July 5) up in Dayton, Ohio. We have had a family trip planned for this week, and I couldn’t convince my family that they would enjoy Pulpcon more than visiting family, then spending a week in Florida. 😉

Last year’s Pulpcon was a blast. I wish I could provide blow-by-blow updates like Pulpcon 35. But hopefully, we’ll get the next best thing…

I’ve deputized an agent to act on my behalf and make audio recordings of the panel discussions and guests of honor. So, assuming everything works out, you’ll be able to listen in to what you missed at ThePulp.Net in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, if anyone who’s going would like to post updates in the comments section below, please feel free. I know I’d be interested in hearing about things.

– William


  1. Hi Billy
    It is Saturday morning here in Dayton. We really wish you could have been here. The whole gang is here, including for the first time in 7 years, George Pucula. George is from London, Ontario and is one of the original Internet Fans of Bronze. We were so glad to see him, and we half expected to see Jeff Sines walking in behind him. Maybe next year!
    Attendance is not that great, which everyone kind of expected due to the conflict with the July 4th holiday. But we are still having a great time and not getting much sleep (and lots of good stories to tell you next time we see you).

    Bill Mann

  2. Hi, Bill,

    Glad you all are having a blast. Sorry to hear the turnout isn’t as large as usual, but I’m not surprised either (because of the Fourth).

    I hope that means better selections and deals in the vendors’ room!