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PulpFest 2011 reports

Posted by at 1:38 pm Saturday, July 30, 2011 in Events, News, PulpFest
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Updated: Monday, Aug. 8, 2011.

Reports from PulpFest 2011 are starting to show up online.

A few folks — Mark Halegua, Michael Neno, Stephen Haffner — have started posting comments and photos over at the PulpMags group at Yahoo Groups. I’m sure more will be posting there once PulpFest is over.

Below are other sites where you can check out reports and photos from this year’s PulpFest. I’ll be adding to this list as more shows up online. Please feel free to add links in comments at the bottom, too.

• PulpFest 2011 Day One: On his Eventized blog, Michael Neno has posted a handful of photo from the dealer’s room on the first day of PulpFest.

• The Book Cave: PulpFest Special 1: Ric Croxton‘s podcast, The Book Cave, presents readings by new pulp authors Wayne Reinagel (Pulp Heroes: Khan Dynasty and Viktoriana) and Win Scott Eckert (The Evil in Pemberley House and The Avenger: Justice Inc. Files) from Friday afternoon, July 29. (2 hours, 1 minute)

• PulpFest — Another great year: Laurie Powers, over at Laurie’s Wild West, offers her take on last week’s PulpFest and includes a few photos.

• The Book Cave: PulpFest Special 2: The second part of The Book Cave‘s coverage of PulpFest features highlights from the Friday evening programming on July 29. It opens with Jack Cullers‘ welcome comments; followed by Martin Grams‘ presentation of The Shadow on Radio; David Saunders discussing Wild American Pulp Artists; and Granddaughters of the Pulps, a panel discussion featuring Elizabeth Bissette, Karen Cunningham, Laurie Powers, and Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson, moderated by Ed Hulse. (2 hours, 14 minutes)

• Walker Martin’s PulpFest report: Laurie Powers has reposted Walker Martin‘s PulpFest report that he posted on PulpMags this morning. So far, Walker’s is the best recap out there.

• Convention Report: PulpFest 2011: Walker Martin’s PulpFest report (see item above) is also posted over at the Mystery*File blog.

• The Book Cave: PulpFest Special 3: Part three of The Book Cave podcast’s coverage of PulpFest picks up Friday night just after part two ends, with Stephen Haffner’s presentation on C.L. Moore. The podcast then continues with Saturday evening’s presentation of Steampunk in the Days of Dime Novels and the Pulp Magazines, by Garyn Roberts, and a panel discussion of Walter B. Gibson and The Shadow featuring Randolph Cox, Will Murray and Anthony Tollin, moderated by Ed Hulse. (1 hour, 53 minutes)

• More PulpFest 2011 Pics: Michael Neno has added another series of PulpFest photos at his blog, Eventized.

• Good Times Roll: Author and publisher Ron Fortier offers his take on PulpFest on his Airship 27 blog. He’s included photos as well as a written report.

• The Book Cave: PulpFest Special 4: Part four features audio recordings of the “New Pulp” Fiction panel, featuring Bill Craig, Win Scott Eckert, Greg Gick, Wayne Reinagel, Art Sippo, Duane Spurlock and moderator Ron Fortier; Craig reading from his new Hardluck Hannigan novel; and the Munsey Award presentation. (1 hour, 44 minutes)

• The Book Cave: PulpFest Special 5: The fifth audio report from The Book Cave includes an interview with Ron Fortier and the final two presentations from Saturday: Steampunk in the Days of Dime Novels and the Pulp Magazines, by Garyn Roberts; and Walter B. Gibson and The Shadow, a panel discussion featuring Randolph Cox, Will Murray, Anthony Tollin and moderator Ed Hulse. (1 hour, 9 minutes)

• PulpFest 2011 — Coverage, Images and Memories: Ron Fortier (see “Good Times Roll” above) has posted an expanded report on PulpFest at the All Pulp blog. He breaks it down day-by-day and includes photos.

• PulpFest 2011: Duane Spurlock, on his newly reborn PulpRack blog, recounts his visit to PulpFest 2011.

• The Book Cave: PulpFest Special 6: The final installment of The Book Cave‘s PulpFest coverage focuses on FarmerCon VI, which was held concurrently with PulpFest. FarmerCon is devoted to Philip José Farmer and his works. The recording opens with a welcome from Michael Croteau, webmaster of Farmer’s official website, followed by presentations by Win Scott Eckert, Art Sippo and Rick Lai. (2 hours, 4 minutes)

• PulpFest 2011/FarmerCon VI photos: Win Scott Eckert has posted 30 photos from PulpFest and FarmerCon on Google+. (Thank you, Win, for alerting me to these.)

• FarmerCon/PulpFest 2011: Sean Levin‘s extensive report, with photos, on the two gatherings appears on the She Never Slept blog. (Thanks, again, Win.)


  1. Thanks Bill for posting these reports on PulpFest. By the way, Michael Neno has just added more photos on his website.

  2. Thank you for writing up such a thorough summary of PulpFest (and for alerting me to the new photos).

  3. Nice roundup, Bill! Thanks for compiling this list. I’ve posted a link to it at the PulpRack blog.

  4. Thanks, Duane and Win! And thanks for the link to your photos. I’d checked Flickr, but nothing seems to be there yet.

  5. Here is another report for you, William.



  6. Thanks for putting the PulpFest reports in the same place. Saves time looking for them. Good job.