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‘If We Do Doc Savage…’

Posted by at 1:16 pm Monday, October 31, 2011 in Bits of Pulp, Movies/TV/Radio
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Screenwriter and director Shane Black

Screenwriter and director Shane Black

“If we do Doc Savage, the challenge is make it adult,” says screenwriter and director Shane Black told Comic Book Resources at the Long Beach Comic Con over the weekend. “I think that there are so few practitioners of action movies these days who are doing worthwhile stuff that it behooves me to try to weigh in and try to do the ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’-type stuff, to try to recapture the magic.”

There’s more to the quote over at the Comic Book Resources site.

It’s the “if we do” that makes one wonder how much (or little) of a chance we’ll ever see the Man of Bronze on screen anytime soon. Maybe it depends on how well “John Carter” does at the box office.