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PulpFest 2012 reports

Posted by at 5:40 pm Wednesday, August 15, 2012 in Events, News, PulpFest
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Most recent update: Aug. 18, 2014.

It must have been an exhausting PulpFest this year. It’s taking attendees a bit longer than usual to get their post-convention reports online. We’ll continue updating this post as new reports turn up.

For those of us who were unable to attend, checking out the reports and photos at least lets us virtually participate.

Now, onto the reports…

• Walker Martin’s report: As always, Walker Martin does a terrific recap of his visit to PulpFest 2012 over at the Mystery*File blog.

• PulpFest photos: Michael Neno has posted photos from three days of PulpFest 2012 on his blog, Eventized: Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.

• Ed Hulse’s report: Over at his Murania Press blog, Ed Hulse offers his take — along with photos — on PulpFest 2012.

• Duane Spurlock’s report: Duane Spurlock has posted a short recap of his trip to PulpFest 2012 on his blog at the PulpRack.

• Ron Fortier’s report: Head over to Airship 27 to read Ron Fortier’s report from PulpFest 2012 and to take a look at his photos.

• Laurie Powers’ report: Laurie Powers, on her Laurie’s Wild West blog, takes her turn telling of PulpFest 2012 adventures.

• The Book Cave podcasts: The Book Cave is posting audio from PulpFest 2012 panels:

• Bruce Rosenberger’s audio report: Bruce Rosenberger’s regular podcasts, KomicKast/On the Fly, focus on comics, but here’s one devoted to his first visit to PulpFest.

• PEAP’s PulpFest photos: PEAPS, the Pulp Era Amateur Press Society, has posted a Flickr album of photos from this year’s convention.

• Nathan Madison’s PulpFest report: On his Argonotes blog, Nathan Madison gives a rundown of his four days at PulpFest 2012.

• David Lee Smith’s photos: David Lee Smith has posted eight pages of photos from PulpFest 2012 on his Flickr account.

• Don Herron’s report: Don Herron, who conducts the Dashiell Hammett Tour in San Francisco, writes of his first visit to PulpFest. (Hat tip to Walker Martin for calling attention on the PulpMags group to this report.)

• Michael Haynes’ PulpFest reports: Author Michael Haynes posted daily reports, along with photos, from PulpFest 2012 on his blog.


  1. I have 59 Photos of the First PULPFEST, 2009; 175 Photos for PULPFEST 2010; and 392 (!!!) for PULPFEST 2012 (sorry, missed 2011) at my site Yahoo group: PULP_MAGAZINES_CLIFFSNOTES –

    (and also posted at Pulpmags and Flickr (still working on Flickr, as they only let you post so many free photos each month)

    I’m going to follow up with the other groups also:


    Cover_Ups · Cover Ups




  2. Hey, easy on me, I’m a little ignorant on The Spider issue, but from what I can see in the images, he looks a bit like V from Alan Moore’s comic V for Vendetta : black outfit, hat, cloak, whig or long hair. And like V, looks like one man struggles alone against a totalitarian regime. The only thing is that he replaces the two guns with daggers. Am I wrong??????