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Pumpkins, pulp and Halloween

Posted by at 4:10 pm Thursday, October 24, 2013 in Bits of Pulp, Pulps
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Pumpkins, pulp and Halloween

Pumpkin or pulp-o-lantern?With Halloween just a week away, I thought I would break out the stencils for pulp pumpkins — or pulpkins, or maybe pulp-o-lanterns.

We haven’t posted them in a number of years. I think maybe the last time was six years ago.

Choose among stencils of five pulp characters. We won’t name names, but they may be somewhat familiar to you.

Print out the stencils you want, then use them as templates for your carvings. Cut all the way through the black areas, but just thin out the pumpkin in the gray areas so that it will glow. (If you’d like more detailed instructions, check out these instructions.)

Click on the image to download a corresponding PDF stencil.

pulp_pumpkin_1 pulp_pumpkin_2
pulp_pumpkin_3 Pulp-o-lantern 4
Pulp-o-lantern 5

If you create a pulp-o-lantern (or three) this year, take a photo and let me know or post a comment below. I’d be happy to post your photo on Yellowed Perils. Or, you can share it on ThePulp.Net’s Facebook page.