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All in color for a dime (or maybe 15¢)

Posted by at 10:00 am Tuesday, May 26, 2015 in Pulp Art, Pulp History, Pulps, ThePulp.Net
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I’ve been on a pulp photos kick lately, as you’ve probably noticed if you’ve checked out the pulp photos gallery here at ThePulp.Net.

The gallery has grown from around 75 photos in January to over 115 different images this month.

But one thing that’s missing is a color photo of a vintage newsstand. Since nothing like that has turned up, I spent some spare time over the past few weeks colorizing the photo we’ve been using on ThePulp.Net’s Facebook page.

(Yes, I have posted Avi Katz‘s colorized photo of two women browsing a 1942 newsstand, but the one below focuses on the magazines themselves.)

A 1938 newsstand in full color.

If you’ve liked TPN’s page on Facebook, then you may have seen the colorized image when I posted it over the weekend. If not, click the image above to get a closer look.

On sale were November and December 1938 and January 1939 numbers. All of the pulps and most of the non-pulp magazine issues are shown in their actual colors. There were three non-pulp magazines that I couldn’t track down, so I’ve guessed their colors.

(Yes, I was able to find color photos of Poultry Tribune, Fur-Fish-Game, and Deep-River Jim’s Wilderness Trail Book. No luck on the psychology, women and American Dancer magazines.)

Maybe the colors aren’t as vibrant as they would have been if you were standing in front of the newsstand in late 1938, but I hope this will give you a good idea of what it may have been like.

Of course, if anyone has a color photo from the pulp era, and would be willing to share it, it would make a great addition to the photo gallery. Please let me know.