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PulpFest 2015 reports

Posted by at 3:02 pm Tuesday, August 25, 2015 in Events, News, Pulp History, PulpFest, Pulps, ThePulp.Net
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Updated: Sept. 25, 2015.

PulpFest 2015 dealers' room

I will be updating this PulpFest roundup fairly regularly over the next few weeks, as more are posted online. So please check back periodically.

Ten hours of PulpFest 2015 programming is now available through ThePulp.Net‘s Pulp Event Podcast feed on iTunes. I will be adding the audio recordings to the website over the next week. I provide links once they are available.

Please let me know if you have written or know of a convention report not included below, and I will add it to the listings.

Now, onto the reports…

Art’s Reviews: PulpFest Author Readings and Interviews
Art Sippo has posted a number of author readings and interviews from PulpFest 2015. Among those featured are Jason Aiken, Christopher Paul Carey, John Hegenberger, Sean Levin, Frank Schildiner, and Duane Spurlock.
Chet Williamson: “Weird Tales” & One Degree of H.P. Lovecraft
Chet Williamson, PulpFest 2015’s Guest of Honor, has posted a transcript of his presentation about how Weird Tales and H.P. Lovecraft have influenced his career.
EDitorial Comments: PulpFest 2015: A Report
Ed Hulse, editor of Blood ‘n’ Thunder magazine and publisher at Murania Press, recounts his 2015 PulpFest trip.
Eventized: PulpFest ’15 Dealers’ Room Photos
Michael Neno has posted a number of photos of the dealers’ room, as well as a few words about the con.
Flight Log: Awesome PulpFest
Ron Fortier, “Air Chief” of Airship27 provides a writeup and photos of his and Airship27 art director Rob Davis‘s visit to the con.
Mystery*File: Convention Report: PulpFest 2015
Walker Martin turned out a con report immediately upon returning home from the show.
Mystery*File: PulpFest 2015: The People
Steve Lewis gives a rundown of his PulpFest visit with photos.
Mystery*File: Con: PulpFest 2015
Richard Moore gives his take on the 2015 convention.
Paperback Perils: PulpFest Recap
Bill Adcock details his first visit to PulpFest.
Pulp Crazy: PulpFest 2015
Jason Aiken turns over his Pulp Crazy podcast to coverage of PulpFest 2015 with audio recordings of New Pulp readings and other programming. The podcasts are also available via Pulp Crazy‘s YouTube page. Jason has also posted a report writeup of his visit to the con.
Tellers of Weird Tales: Notes from PulpFest: The Mystery of the Missing Magazine
Terence Hanley ponders the future of Weird Tales, based on his research and an article in The Pulpster No. 24.
Tellers of Weird Tales: Notes from PulpFest: Who Owns ‘Weird Tales’?
Hanley continues his “Note from PulpFest” series with a post that spins off of comments made during the Leo Margulies panel discussion.
Tellers of Weird Tales: Notes from PulpFest: H.P.L. at 125
Hanley’s final PulpFest post notes the 125th anniversary of H.P. Lovecraft’s birth, as well as 131st of Hugo Gernsback.
Up and Down on These Mean Streets: Rediscovered: PulpFest 2015
The complete title is “Rediscovered: PulpFest 2015 — On the Whole, I’d Rather Not Be in Philadelphia,” and Don Herron writes an entertaining recap of his roundabout trip to PulpFest and the con itself.


  1. William, there were two other Pulpfest reports on Mystery File around the same time as my report. One was by Steve Lewis and showed several photos and the other was by Richard Moore.

    • Thanks for letting me know about the other reports, Walker!