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PulpFest 2016 reports

Posted by at 10:00 am Thursday, July 28, 2016 in Events, People, PulpFest, Pulps
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PulpFest 2016 reports

Updated: Aug. 27, 2016.

Now that PulpFest 2016 is over, it’s time for my annual listing of convention reports.

The PulpFest 2016 dealers' room

The PulpFest 2016 dealers’ room

I will be updating this post over the next few weeks as new reports are posted online. I will add a line at the top of the post to indicate when it has been updated.

I recorded over seven-and-a-half hours of PulpFest 2016 programming, and those recordings are now available for listening. If you subscribe to the Pulp Event Podcast through iTunes, podcasts for all nine events have been uploaded. If you’re prefer to listen to them from the website, head over to ThePulp.Net’s PulpFest 2016 coverage page. There you will find links to pages with photos and embedded audio for each of the events that I recorded.

Of course, if you have posted a PulpFest report online, or come across one that’s not listed below, please let me know in the comments or using the contact form.

Now on to the reports (listed alphabetically)…

Airship 27: Cons & posters
Ron Fortier, writer, editor, and “air chief” over at Airship 27, has posted a brief overview of his trip to the convention, along with photos.
Airship 27 Podcast: PulpFest 2016
Hosts Ron Fortier and Rob Davis, both of Airship 27, discuss PulpFest 2016 and other pulp and comic news on this hour-long podcast.
Art’s Reviews
Art Sippo is posting audio recordings from PulpFest and FarmerCon XI in his Art’s Reviews podcast. Art plans to upload a total of 11 recordings from the cons.

Christopher Paul Carey: FarmerCon XI/PulpFest 2016 recap
Christopher Paul Carey recaps this year’s two simultaneous conventions with photos and short descriptions.
Laurie’s Wild West: PulpFest 2016: in one word: spectacular
Laurie Powers, who won the 2016 Munsey Award for contributions to the pulp community, has a brief report from her exciting days at the convention.
The Leader’s Chronicles: PulpFest report
Lewis Forro roamed around taking photos, and he’s posted them as his report from PulpFest 2016. In addition to pics from the dealers’ room, Lewis has a number from the evening programming.
Murania Press: PulpFest 2016 report
Murania Press’s Ed Hulse gave us all a little scare at PulpFest. We were all happy when he was able to return to the con. Ed details his PulpFest trip — including the E.R. visit — in his EDitorial Comments blog.
Mystery*File: Convention Report: PulpFest 2016
As usual, Walker Martin has written a thorough report from this year’s convention, with photos from Pulp Flakes and Yellowed Perils.
Pulp Crazy’s PulpFest 2016 Convention Report
Jason Aiken has a nice writeup about the convention, with special emphasis on the concurrent FarmerCon.

  • FarmerCon XI author readings: Danny Adams, Christopher Paul Carey, and Win Scott Eckert read from their latest books.
  • FarmerCon XI panel: Paul Spiteri moderates a discussion on collaborating with Philip José Farmer featuring panelists Christopher Paul Carey, Win Scott Eckert, and Danny Adams.
  • New Pulp panel: Ron Fortier of Airship 27 moderates a discussion on writing and editing of New Pulp featuring Jeff Fournier, Barbara Dorran, Win Scott Eckert, and Andy Fix.
  • Guest of Honor Ted White: Ted White discusses Amazing Stories and science fiction.
Pulp Flakes: PulpFest 2016 — A few photos
Rather than writing a report this year, Sai Shankar has posted a number of photos from PulpFest on his blog.
Pulp Magazines Group: PulpFest 2016 photos
Moderator David Lee Smith has posted over 300 photos from PulpFest 2016 in the photos section of the Pulp Magazines group at Yahoo Groups. In order to access the photos, you must be a member of the group. Use a Yahoo account to request to join. All pulp fans are welcome.
ThePulp.Net: PulpFest 2016
Once again, you can find audio recordings of PulpFest’s evening presentations on ThePulp.Net’s Pulp Event Podcast. That’s over seven-and-a-half hours to stream on the web by following the links below, or to download from iTunes to take with you.

Tony Isabella’s Bloggy Thing: PulpFest 2016
Comics veteran Tony Isabella presents his recap of PulpFest 2016 over three posts on his blog:

  • Part one: Tony starts off with an overview of his trip to the con, as well as the first couple of days.
  • Part two: The second installment picks up with Saturday, and includes a listing of some of the items that Tony picked up at the con.
  • Addendum: Tony wraps up the loose ends, then adds a few, more extensive reviews of some of his convention booty.
UDHCMH: Scenes from this year’s PulpFest
This Tumblr related to the University District History website of Columbus, Ohio, features photos of some of the pulps and other items on sale in the PulpFest dealers’ room.
Yellowed Perils: PulpFest 2016: day 1, day 2, days 3-4
I posted reports from PulpFest 2016 on Yellowed Perils during the convention (and the last one after I returned home). In addition to a rundown of activities, the posts include numerous photos from PulpFest events.


  1. Here is my Pulp Fest 2016 report:

    Once again, wasn’t able to attend. Hope to get the Pulpster and do a posting on it.

    • I hope you’ll be able to get there one year, Michael!

  2. Bill, Laurie Powers just posted her convention report on the Laurie’s Wild West blog.

    • Thanks for calling that to my attention, Walker. Her post has been added.

  3. Bill, there is another report on dealing with FarmerCon and Pulpfest. It has photos showing some FarmerCon activity at Pulplfest.

    • Walker, you’re doing a much better job of finding the reports than I am. Thank you, again!

  4. Bill, David Lee Smith posted hundreds of Pulpfest photos on his group. I forwarded you a copy in case you want to list it, etc.

    • Thanks, again, Walker!


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