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A PulpFest 2017 wrap-up

Posted by at 10:00 am Thursday, September 7, 2017 in Events, People, PulpFest
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A PulpFest 2017 wrap-up
Chet Williamson,  left, talks with Jim Steranko.

Chet Williamson, left, talks with Jim Steranko.

Here we are over a month since PulpFest 2017, and I’m just now getting a post-convention post written and uploaded.

This isn’t going to be a true con report. Suffice it to say, it was another fun three days at PulpFest.

I overhead someone say it was more about the community than the dealers’ room, the programming, and the pulps. And that’s very true.

My want-list was extremely short this year, only a couple of particular pulps. So I spent a lot of time visiting with fellow pulp fans whom I get to see face-to-face only once a year. That’s always the highlight of the trip. Sure, the programming is terrific. And, yeah, there’s so many fantastic pulps and pulp-related items on sale. (And I say this not just because I’m on the PulpFest committee.) But it’s the community that keeps me coming back.

It’s been a crazy summer, to say the least, and that’s a large reason why I’m just now getting this written.

Earlier this week I finally found time to edit the audio recordings of the pulp panels. I posted seven Pulp Event Podcasts on Monday, so those should have shown up in your iTunes or Google Play feeds if you’re a subscriber. If not, you can listen to them online here at ThePulp.Net. (But I would encourage you to subscribe so that you don’t miss any. Oh, and consider writing a review or rating the podcast.)

Last night I added photos from PulpFest on the pages with the audio links. You’ll also find a gallery of photos below. (If you missed them, I posted a number of photos to ThePulp.Net’s Instagram feed during PulpFest. Check them out here.)

Also on my to-do list is a roundup of PulpFest con reports. Keep an eye out here at Yellowed Perils for that to show up shortly.

Click an image below to open a slideshow of larger photos.

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  1. Bill, thanks for these excellent photos!