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Nab yourself an Operator #5 ring

Posted by at 5:58 pm Monday, February 11, 2013 in Bits of Pulp, General
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Operator #5 ringNow that you have The Spider pulp ring premium on your finger, how about an Operator #5 ring?

A seller by the handle of wu_wei_dragon has a nice example of the ring for sale on eBay for a buck under $10,000. (Shipping is free.)

Update: The listing was ended on Feb. 12 with a $5,500 price. The ring has been re-listed for a $4,400 buy-it-now price, or $4,000 opening bid, ending Feb. 19.

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Lovecraft’s eldritch delights

Posted by at 8:00 am Thursday, January 17, 2013 in Bits of Pulp, General
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Eldritch peanut butter cupWhat if H.P. Lovecraft had worked as a Whitman’s Sampler copywriter? That’s what Luke Burns proposes in a brief, but devilishly funny post on McSweeney’s Internet Tendancy.

Burns does an excellent job recreating Lovecraft’s writing style. All the flavor descriptions are hilarious, but this one gave me a particularly good chuckle: Read more

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Nab yourself a Spider ring

Posted by at 12:54 pm Wednesday, January 16, 2013 in Bits of Pulp, General
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The Spider pulp premium ringIf you’ve got $2,300 burning a hole in your pocket, then head over to Hake’s Americana & Collectibles for a near-perfect example of The Spider pulp ring premium.

Hake’s rates it at 99.8-percent mint. The only caveat is: It’s a Canadian variant, which includes a “Made U.S.A.” imprint.

Oh, yeah, there is a 15-percent buyer’s premium on top of the price. (Note: The buyer’s premium is figured into the $2,300 price.)

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Just a lifetime ago…

Posted by at 3:51 pm Sunday, December 9, 2012 in General, People, Pulps
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Argosy, October 1896You may have heard or seen the news last week that Besse Cooper died at the age of 116 on Dec. 4 in Monroe, Ga. As far as I know, she had no direct connection with the pulps.

She was the world’s verifiably oldest person at the time of her death. She was born in Sullivan County, Tenn., on Aug. 26, 1896.

That last part — 1896 — jumped out at me when I was reading about her. That’s the same year that Frank Munsey introduced the revamped Argosy magazine in an all-fiction format that became known as a pulp magazine.

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The Shadow in Springfield

Posted by at 8:41 pm Tuesday, August 21, 2012 in Bits of Pulp, General, Websites
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The Shadow

Springfield Punx is one of the blogs that I follow regularly. Dean T. Fraser does a great job creating The Simpsons-like illustrations for a variety of characters.

Today he’s drawn the Night Master himself, The Shadow.

Wonder how his appearance would be handled on the show?

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The futures of SF

Posted by at 6:00 am Wednesday, May 23, 2012 in General, Pulps
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There’s an interesting chart over at io9 that “Reveals How Science Fiction Futures Changed Over Time.” The accompanying article, by Annalee Newitz, discusses the methodology for creating the chart, by Stephanie Fox.

They divided the future into three ranges — Near Future (up to 50 years from the “present”); Middle Future (51-500 years out); and Far Future (501+ years) — then looked at literature published each decade from the 1880s through 2000s.
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