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A pulp pulpit 10 years on

Posted by at 7:12 pm Thursday, July 7, 2016 in Events, News, Pulpcon, PulpFest, ThePulp.Net

A pulp pulpit 10 years on
How 'Yellowed Perils' appeared in the early years.

How Yellowed Perils appeared in the early years.

A pulp magazine blog? Well, yeah.

That’s the way the first post at Yellowed Perils started. That was 10 years ago today at this very moment.

My primary motivation for starting Yellowed Perils was my attendance at the upcoming Pulpcon 35. I wanted to post live from the con, something no one else was doing at the time. (Remember, Twitter was only four months old then, and Instagram was still four years away.)

Even before that, I saw a need for news, commentary, and discussion about the pulps at ThePulp.Net, in addition to the pages of pulp links, bibliography, sources, and history.

For a number of years, The Pulp Companion provided a way to add the news and commentary elements. (I’d envisioned The Pulp Companion as an online pulp fanzine, and had a number of contributors.) During the same time, ThePulp.Net also hosted a forum for discussions of the pulps.

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Fans, the gems of pulpdom

Posted by at 10:30 am Monday, October 7, 2013 in Doc Con, Events, Opinion, Pulpcon, PulpFest, Windy City

Doc Con 2013As I’ve mentioned before I first discovered the stories from the pulps — and the pulps themselves — during junior high.

For the longest time, there were only two or three friends who shared my enthusiasm for the pulps: Charles Corder, my friend since first grade; Curtis Collins, a high-school classmate who worked at a local comic book store; and Darryl (I’ve forgotten his last name), who we met through the store. That was about it, except occasionally for a friend who had a mild interest in one or two specific pulp characters.

After college, we all went different ways as we journeyed into adulthood and “real life.” Throughout the ’80s, I was pretty much a lone pulp fan who kept his eyes out for any pulp-related reprints or studies that might show up in the local bookstore’s “Books in Print” catalog — which once discovered would be promptly order. That’s how I discovered the Crime Club’s reprints of The Shadow, and pulp scholar Robert Sampson‘s various books published by the Popular Press.

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‘The Pulpster’ takes over

Posted by at 10:55 pm Wednesday, June 26, 2013 in Events, News, Publications, Pulpcon, PulpFest

The Pulpster (2013)As you have probably noticed, there haven’t been very many posts here at Yellowed Perils in the past couple of weeks.

It’s less than a month away from PulpFest. That means that we are currently hustling to put together this year’s issue of The Pulpster. (As a result, I have less time for other pulp-related activities such as Yellowed Perils. Sigh.)

Tony Davis, who founded The Pulpster back in 1991 for Pulpcon (PulpFest’s predecessor), edited the zine through issue number 21 in 2012. After 20 years, he thought it was time to take a break. He did a wonderful job creating the convention zine and growing it year after year.

I was fortunate enough to have worked with him designing the zine since issue 17 in 2008. The good folks at PulpFest asked me to assume the editorship last fall. With a lot of assistance from Mike Chomko and his son, Peter Chomko, I’m striving to continue the high-quality pulp zine you’d come to expect from Tony.

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Roger Ebert’s passion for pulps

Posted by at 11:31 pm Friday, June 21, 2013 in People, Pulp Art, Pulpcon, PulpFest, Pulps, Windy City

Roger Ebert's pulpsI remember reading a post by Roger Ebert about his love of science fiction pulps back in early 2012.

Ebert, who died April 4 from cancer, was best known for his role as the Chicago Sun-Times‘ Pulitzer-Prize-winning film critic and his time on TV’s “At the Movies.” But he was also a fan of pulp magazines.

The first I remember hearing about it was when I stumbled across a post on his blog in early 2012. I thought I posted a link to it at ThePulp.Net, but see now that the link is bad. (I’ll update it.)

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It’s April, do you know where your pulp shows are?

Posted by at 2:02 pm Thursday, April 5, 2012 in Doc Con, Events, Pulpcon, PulpFest, Windy City

2012 is well under way, so the pulp convention season is starting up again.

If you haven’t noticed, we keep an updated listing of upcoming Pulp Events on the front page of ThePulp.Net. It covers conventions, sales shows, exhibits and other pulp gatherings.

The 33rd Los Angeles Vintage Paperback Collectors Show in Mission Hills, Calif., was March 25. It was my first time to attend. (We were in town for a family event, but I managed to zip over for about an hour Sunday morning.) As Laurie Powers noted, there were few pulps for sale this year. I didn’t find anything on my wants-list, but I did pick up the second volume of The History of the Science Fiction Magazine, by Mike Ashley, (I’ve had the first volume since the late ’70s) and a 1918 issue of The Popular Magazine.
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Rusty Hevelin: 1922-2011

Posted by at 10:54 am Wednesday, December 28, 2011 in Obituaries, People, Pulpcon, PulpFest

Rusty Hevelin

As many of you already know, Rusty Hevelin, one of the founders of the original Pulpcon, passed away Tuesday, Dec. 27. He was 89.

He was hospitalized Dec. 21 with circulatory problems, according to a post by Curt Phillips over on the PulpMags group at Yahoo. Brian E. Brown reported his death late Tuesday evening.
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