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‘Dillon and the Legend of the Golden Bell’

Posted by at 10:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2015 in Dillon, New Pulp, Review
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‘Dillon and the Legend of the Golden Bell’

"Dillon and the Legend of the Golden Bell"Dillon is a New Pulp hero created by Derrick Ferguson. Dillon is an adventurer with unique skills and abilities, and a mysterious past. And he’s black. Ferguson is one of several authors who are trying to make New Pulp more diverse.

I have previously reviewed some of the Dillon works, and “Dillon and the Legend of the Golden Bell” is the second Dillon novel, now in a new “deluxe edition” with a new cover that matches the new edition of the first novel.

This novel builds off of the first one. This is set a few years after the first novel, and we get hints and references to prior adventures, as well as learn a little more about Dillon’s origins. We also get hints of other pulp characters, some from the original pulps, some created by other authors, some created by Ferguson.

Most importantly, I think, is the introduction of the island nation of Xonira, which will feature in some future works. Xonira is located in the South China Sea. What little we know is that it was settled centuries ago by pirates and outlaws of various nations, leading to a strange culture of combined/blended people. Once ruled by kings, the king was overthrown long ago by the Lord Chancellors, who rule the nation today.

But the nation is facing a crisis. A civil war started by one of the Lord Chancellors who wishes to take over as a new king, and is aligned with various criminal and sinister groups, as well as being the follower of a sinister fallen angel and former demon whom he wishes to bring back. Opposing him is another Lord Chancellor who has engaged Eli Creed, Dillon’s old and now retired mentor, in a quest to obtain a mythical golden bell to rally the people around. Eli pulls Dillon into the effort, and they with others are on their way to Xonira. We met new characters and are re-introduced to others.

They must obtain the bell, now hidden in a very dangerous place, while fighing off the forces arrayed against them. Sadly, the opposition wants the bell as well to bring the demon to Earth, so it won’t be an easy task. Will they succeed?

Like the first Dillon novel, this is another winner. One thing I wonder is if Derrick has written or plans to ever write some of the other adventures mentioned? Or, at least written a timeline for Dillon? I would worry about keep past events straight.


  1. Some of the adventures mentioned I will be writing and some I won’t. My main reason for mentioning past adventures is to give the sense that Dillon has a life outside the adventures we read and he’s doing other things between books. Thanks for the review, Michael. I’m glad you so thoroughly enjoyed the book.

    • Don’t have a problem with authors dropping hints of adventures they don’t intend to write (Conan Doyle did that). Just worry if the author doesn’t work out some basic timeline.

      I hope to get the other Dillon works soon.