Blog: Commentary from the den of a pulp super-fan

About ‘The Pulp Super-Fan’

Michael R. Brown has been described by All Pulp and the Pulped podcast as a “pulp super-fan.”

His introduction to the pulps came from the myriad paperback reprints of the ’70s — first, with Doc Savage, then other pulp heroes, including The Avenger, The Shadow, The Spider, G-8 and more. Those early discoveries led him to classic pulp horror fictioneers H.P. Lovecraft and Manly Wade Wellman, as well as British authors as Arthur Conan Doyle, Algernon Blackwood and William Hope Hodgson, and the German SF series Perry Rhodan.

Michael crafted the FAQ for the alt.pulp newsgroup back in the 1990s, and put together some of the indexes of the hero pulps available there, which he still updates for his own use.

He currently reads a wide-ranging list of books and writes reviews on many pulp reprints on

Check Michael’s Pulp Super-Fan blog regularly for his posts on classic pulp, New Pulp, pulp reprints and more.