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‘Echoes Revisited’

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‘Echoes Revisited’

'Echoes Revisited'The fanzine Echoes ran from 1982 to 2002, before the advent of print-on-demand changed pulp fan publishing and ushered in the current New Pulp era.

Echoes was published by Tom and Ginger Johnson for 100 issues and then for a period of time it was an “newszine.” Its last new issue was Echoes Revisited, published in 2002 as a 20th anniversary special issue. This one had a color cover (The Shadow by David Burton) and special binding. There were also 100 numbered copies.

This issue celebrates Echoes with a collection of articles new and old, along with several art portfolios and photocopies of some pulp covers. Sadly, I don’t know which articles are reprints, or from where, nor where some of these articles have appeared since. The articles are grouped by their authors.

From pulp historian Nick Carr we get articles on Dan Fowler and Crimson Mask (now being reprinted by Altus Press), along with an article on the 10 best G-8 novels.

Will Murray, pulp historian and the current Kenneth Robeson, gives us some interesting articles. One gives the beginning of several Lester Dent chapter ones, another looks at some of Thrilling’s mask heroes, such as the Purple Scar. And then we get a look at the authors of The Phantom Detective, which I hope was incorporated into The Phantom Detective Handbook Murray and Johnson did.

Murray has an intro to several articles by early pulp fan and collector Rex Ward. His articles include ones on G-8 and setting him in World War II, and The Shadow’s greatest story locales.

Pulp heroes aren’t the only focus, with articles on science fiction, sports, and western magazines and characters.

Michael A. Black, creator of Doc Savage pastiche Doc Atlas, contributes an article on the Man of Bronze.

H. Rider Haggard‘s immortal She is the subject of an article by Gary Lovisi. This one also covers all the paperback editions of the various She novels up to that time.

We also get an article on The Avenger and whether he is a killer. And Tom Johnson has a couple of articles, one on the Corinth/Regency pulp reprints.  There is also an article on a novel that appears to be a re-write of the first Green Ghost novel by G.T. Flemings-Robert that appeared in the 1940s.

Art portfolios are by Ron Wilber (a lot of his Domino Lady work), Bruce Heller, Kevin Duncan, and David Burton.

Copies may still be available, so check.  And also take a look at Echoes 30 from Altus Press which I previously reviewed.