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More ‘Event Group’ thrillers

Posted by at 10:00 am Wednesday, July 19, 2017 in Pulps, Review, Techno-Thriller
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More ‘Event Group’ thrillers

'Overlord'I have previously posted about David Golemon‘s Event Group series. This techno-thriller series focuses on a secretive group of scientists and soldiers who are part of the National Archives: Department 5656, or the Event Group. They look for dangerous secrets in the world to secure and preserve them, and have been around since Lincoln’s time.

At present, there are 11 books in the series. My first posting was on the first eight. Let’s look at the next books in the series.

A storyline that ran through the series and was a major part of three novels was that the world is threatened by an invasion of aliens, the Grays. They had wiped out a previous humanoid race that had existed on another world in our solar system, the remains of which formed the asteroid belt. This was revealed in Legacy. The first novel in the series served to both introduce us to the Event Group, to Maj. Jack Collins (now a colonel), the new head of security, and to the threat of the Grays.

This storyline was concluded in the ninth novel, Overlord. In it, the combined military forces of several nations come together in an uneasy alliance and use a leftover space battleship of that predecessor race to try to stop and hopefully wipe out the invading Grays. This is hampered as much as by the political backstabbing of certain individuals as much as the overwhelming force of the Grays. Needless to say, Earth prevailed, but at a great cost. Several longtime members of the Event Group are killed. And certain people are made to pay for what they have done.

The next novel, The Mountain, is actually a look at the first mission of what will become the Event Group. And it looks back at Jack Collins and his decision to stay after the first novel. It tells of an unusual mission undertaken during the Civil War by a force of Union and Confederate soldiers and sailors to retrieve Noah’s Ark. We also learn that the Flood was caused by the destruction of Atlantis (which exists in the world of the Event Group as shown in the third novel, Ancients).

'The Traveler'The Traveler picks up after the events of Overlord. The Event Group and its members are recovering from the invasion and the lost of friends. But one of their members may not have died, but may have been flung back in time. And Jack Collins intends on rescuing him, thanks to something thought up by H.G. Wells. And Albert Einstein.

Seems that the Nazis had worked out time travel, under the guidance of Heinrich Himmler, mainly to give him an escape route should Nazi Germany fall. But it seems that it’s not a time machine, like in the Wells novel, but a gateway. And it only works to take you to (and from) the past to another gateway. They use a Jewish girl as a test subject, code-named “The Traveler,” but things go awry and she is left in the past of 1942 rather than 1943. She is able to escape, and after years of work, created a new gateway in the 1960s to rescue other holocaust children.

The Event Group learns of this gateway and hopes to use it to save Capt. Carl Everett, who is trapped in Antarctica of 267,000 B.C.! But it’s never that simple, as they must contend with betrayal from some of the children rescued by The Traveler, as well as an ambitious Russian gangster. Will they succeed?

This novel serves as a capstone to the overall Grays storyline.

The next novel is Beyond the Sea, is already out in hardcover. I haven’t read it, but it’s about a lost WWII Soviet destroyer that someone mysteriously returns. The U.S. military is after it, as well as the Event Group and the Russians. I look forward to getting it.