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‘Awesome Tales’ #6

Posted by at 10:00 am Wednesday, January 3, 2018 in Detective Pulps, Domino Lady, Fanzines, New Pulp, Occult Detective
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‘Awesome Tales’ #6

'Awesome Tales' #6Awesome Tales #6 (Fall 2017) is now out from Bold Venture Press and Black Cat Media.

This issue’s theme is crime, and the cover feature this issue is the Domino Lady, the classic, sexy pulp heroine. Rich Harvey provides the first of a new series of Domino Lady stories, with her moving to New York and going up against a sinister blackmail ring. If you want to read the classic stories, Bold Venture Press has a collection of them, with a great cover by Jim Steranko.

KT Pinto is back with another story of her supernatural detective Raphael Jones, “The Platinum Membership.” For previous stories, you’ll have to check Awesome Tales #3 and 4. This time, Jones is in Nazi Germany and has to team up with the Gestapo to stop a threat.

From the late C.J. Henderson we get “Caring,” one of his Jack Hagee, P.I., stories. Not sure were this previously appeared, but Bold Venture Press has other collections of his works, including more Jack Hagee.

Patrick Thomas and John L. French (who created the Gray Monk) provide “Dance of Death,” which stars their character Jack Gardner and the ethical assassin, Rao. They have other works with these characters.

“Doubt” by DJ Tyrer starts P.I. Milo Fisk. Here Fisk must solve the murder of a mobster and find a missing payoff. I’m not sure if Tyrer has written other stories with this character.

A slightly different short tale is “Clear as Glass” by Jean Marie Ward. There’s no detective this time (sort of), but a Malibu housewife dealing with a cheating spouse.

Another great issue. I know they want to go to four times a year, but have been doing about two a year. They have picked the theme for the next issue, so it’s just a matter of when it will come out in 2018. Clearly we should see another Domino Lady story. I can’t wait. If you haven’t picked up an issue, please do so.

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