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Seeking pulp photo help

Posted by at 11:00 am Wednesday, May 22, 2013 in Pulp Collectibles, Pulps, ThePulp.Net
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"Policia Detective"UPDATED 5.24.13 | Yesterday we posted six new photos over on ThePulp.Net‘s pulp photos gallery.

The earliest of the latest batch is 1913; one was from 1939; and three others from 1943. There was one from, probably, the early to mid-1940s.

We could use your help on two of those photos.

The 1939 photo was taken in San Antonio, Texas, at a newsstand selling Mexican newspapers and magazines. One of those magazines appears as if it could be a Spanish-language pulp. That’s a closeup of it at right.

The cover appears to be that of Policia Detective (or Police Detective), with subtitles of “Teatros” (Theater) and “Cines” (cinemas). The cover art teases to “El espia X-21″ (or “The Spy X-21”).

Does anyone know anything about this magazine? Was it a pulp? Or was it something else?

My second question concerns the image shown below. These women are clearly posing for comedic effect, wearing nightgowns, smoking cigarettes, holding a little brown jug (which isn’t visible in the detail above) and reading pulp magazines.

Rangeland Romances

The Rangeland Romances, at left, looks like the cover style used up until mid-1945. The magazine at right looks like a romance pulp, but the nameplate is obscured.

Does anyone know the publication date for the Rangeland Romances? Or recognize the pulp on the right?

If anyone can provide answers, I’ll be happy to mail them a 4×6 print of the photo as a reward.

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Adventure (January 1936)  Rangeland Romances (May 1944)

Sheila Vanderbeek, over on PulpMags at Yahoo Groups, recognized the artwork featured on the Policia Detective magazine mentioned at the top of this post. It comes (slightly modified) from the January 1936 number of Adventure. Hubert Rogers is the artist. That’s it pictured above left.

Since it takes art from that issue of Adventure, I wonder if Policia Detective also reprints any of its stories?

Also, Sheila solved the mystery of the Rangeland Romances cover. It’s from the May 1944 number, and painted by Gloria Stoll Karn. The cover is above right. A big hat-tip to Sheila for tracking the cover down.